Frizzlife JX800 Advanced Whole House Sediment Water Filter System, Auto Flush Design

Frizzlife JX800 Advanced Whole House Sediment Water Filter System, Auto Flush Design


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  • [Advanced Filtration Performance] The AUTO FLUSH Frizzlife whole house sediment filter uses a 40-micron pore-sized stainless steel mesh filter. The precise mesh filter is effective in capturing 99% of the large particulates in feed water such as sediments, mud, turbidity, dirt, and sands. As the front-line guard of your whole house water supply, the Pre-filter greatly prolonging the service life of your point of use water filtration systems, preventing the pipes from blockage and protecting other home appliances.
  • [Durable and Sturdy] Made from top-grade molecular material, the transparent housing of the system is anti-frozen, crack-proof, and leakage-free while the brass fittings of the water filter system are all lead-free. The heavy-duty whole house sediment water filter has passed 100,000 times of water hammer tests at 900 psi. With top-notch quality, it filters massive water flow constantly which perfectly meets the daily water needs of your whole family. Peak flow at 20 GPM.
  • [Easy Installation] Comes with mesh filter loaded and the flush fitting pre-assembled.The whole house water filter can be installed in a breeze. You could choose 1” FNPT, or 3/4 M/FNPT hoses or pipes (Not for 3/4” garden hose) to embed the water filter into your plumbings. The joint fittings are also featured with saw tooth threads that reduce leakage risk. To power up the system, load the system with 3 AA batteries or use the provided adapter. 
  • [Economical Choice] The durable stainless filter of the Point Of Entry water filter is flushable and reusable. Instead of replacement, the smart sediment water filter pays back itself in long run by automatically doing the self-clean per consecutive period. It blocks sediments particles and prolongs the lifespan of your point-of-use water filters which saves you much money for replacement filters. For long-term usage, simply take out the mesh filter and brush the filter thoroughly.
  • [Intelligent Maintenance]  One step above reusable, Frizzlife advanced sediment filter realizes the concept of “Install & Forget” by inducing the Auto Flush function. The pre-filtration system will automatically scrape off the sediments trapped on the mesh filter, backwash the filter system, and then flush out the impurities for 15 sec every preset days (7/15/30 days). Say goodbye to a conventional reusable filter, enjoy endless cleaner water in your whole house without regular manual flush!
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under sink water filter
First Defence Prefilter
  • JX800 incorporates a stainless steel mesh filter with a 40-micron pore size that could effectively remove more than 99% of large particles from source water including sands, rust, mud, turbidity, and more.

Top-Notch Quality
  • The full spin-down water filter system has passed 100,000 times 900-psi water hammer test.
  • With burst-proof housing made from high molecular material and lead-free brass parts, the integrated water filter is ensured with fewer risks of freeze, crack, and leakage.
  • BPA Free
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
Install & Forget
  • The Multi-function Pre-filtration system can truly realize the concept of Install & Forget. It can automatically scrape, backwash, and flush itself per consecutive period of time per preset. With auto-flush function, there would be much less clogging concerns. Forget about the manual check and flush of the system on weekly basis to prevent any possible blockage.
Protect Whole House Water System
  • The advanced pre-filer JX800 is the very first defender for the whole house water supply. The sediment water filter can largely extend the service life of other home appliances and water treatment equipment, such as washing machine, RO systems. It effectively prevents the pipes from clogging, and the faucet from being damaged by grinding from small particles in the water.
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
Easy Maintenance
  • You could observe the condition of the mesh filter through the transparent housing. And the whole house water filtration system can be dissembled for long term maintenance on year basis.
  • Simply twist off the bottom caps, remove the outer case and screw off the housing using the provided wrench. Then take out the mesh filter and use a brush and bleaches to clean away the trapped sediments.
Smart User Interface
  • There is a smart control panel embedded in the water filter system. By pressing any button, the system can be activated after being powered up. Select the flush interval period based on your feed water quality, and the system will do flush per period automatically.
  • A quick guide can be found on the side of the system, which is also convenient for troubleshooting.
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system

Q: How does the JX800 water filter affect TDS/PPM in water? 

A: TDS is not the definite way to test the water quality, TDS means total dissolved solids. For example, if you put very little salt(NaCl) into the water and test the TDS, you will find the result is dramatically high. The same thing, if your water is full of minerals, the TDS is very high too.

The JX800 doesn’t remove any of the minerals from water, it stops large particles such as sediments, and sands from raw water, and effectively protects the follow up filters from blockage. herefore, it is the reason why the TDS you get is not that lower as you expect.

TDS meter testing method is widely used in reverse osmosis systems since the RO filter system also removes minerals from water. If a RO membrane doesn’t have a good performance, the TDS will be relatively high. And if TDS is getting much higher, means it’s time to change the RO membrane.

So please do not use TDS to test any water except Reverse Osmosis System, because the result is meaningless.


Q: How often should the filter cartridges of JX800 be replaced?

A: The mesh filter of the JX800 is reusable and flushable. You don't need to replace the filter. The system wull automatically flush per pre-set date (7/10/15 days). For long run maintenance, please take out the mesh filter per 8-12 months, and use the brush and bleach to clean the mesh filter and the housing thoroughly. 


Q: Can the water filter be used for on well water?

A: The sediment water filter is highly recommended to apply for municipal water.  It can also be used for different water sources including well water. Please kindly note that you may need to flush and clean the filter more frequently depending on your water quality. 



Model No.JX800Filter Cartridge InsideMesh Filter
Product Dimensions13"X4.7"X3.9"Item Weight5 lb
Operating TemperatureMin.39ºF,Max 100ºFOperating Pressure20psi Max. 125psi
Flow Rate17.5 GPMUsage EnvironmentIndoor use only 

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