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Is It Good To Drink Filtered Water When You Are Suffering Acidity

Is It Good To Drink Filtered Water When You Are Suffering Acidity

Robin Collins |

Have you ever felt a burning sensation in your stomach after eating? Or maybe you get heartburn that just won't quit. If so, you know how miserable acidity can make you feel. When your digestive system is already upset, the last thing you want to do is further irritate your stomach.

That's why choosing the right water is important for soothing acidity symptoms. Filtered water may be a simple solution worth trying. It has several qualities that make it gentler on your gut when you're dealing with too much stomach acid.

But usually, people wonder whether it is appropriate to drink filtered water during acidity problems or not. We have crafted this blog especially to answer this question. 

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Is It Good To Drink Filtered Water When You Are Suffering Acidity?

Yes, drinking filtered water can certainly help when you're suffering from acidity. Filtered water is easier on your stomach than tap water for a few reasons. Any impurities like chlorine that can irritate your digestive system further are removed.

It also has a more neutral pH level compared to tap, which can help balance out stomach acid. Plus, it tastes cleaner than tap so you're more likely to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Since hydration is important when dealing with acidity, filtered water can make a difference.

Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water for Acidity Relief

Drinking filtered water when experiencing acidity can provide several benefits by helping relieve symptoms and promote digestion.

1. Stomach Acid Neutralization

Filtered water has a pH level that is closer to neutral than tap water, which is easier on your stomach. Its neutral pH can help balance out excess stomach acid that's causing discomfort. This balance allows your digestive system to do its job of breaking down food without further irritation. Choosing filtered water may help tame stomach acid so you feel better faster.

2. Improved Digestive Health

Drinking enough filtered water is important for keeping your digestive system running smoothly. When you're experiencing acidity, filtered water can really make a difference in your digestive health. All the impurities that can irritate your stomach are removed, leaving just pure hydration. This allows your digestive organs to do their job of breaking down food and absorbing nutrients without interference.

Filtered water also helps prevent dehydration, which can worsen acidity. Supporting your digestive health with filtered H2O may help reduce acidity symptoms over time.

3. Easy on the Stomach

When acidity flare-ups hit, you want to soothe your poor stomach as much as possible. Filtered water provides relief by being easy to digest and not aggravating existing acid levels. All the impurities that could further irritate the delicate stomach lining have been removed, leaving just pure water.

This allows the water to flow smoothly without causing additional discomfort. Opting for filtered over tap means you won't have to worry about minerals or other particles upsetting your tummy even more. Its settled nature helps keep acidity symptoms at bay so you can feel better faster.

4. Helps Hydrate Better

Drinking enough water is so important when dealing with acidity, but not all water types hydrate equally well. The pure, clean taste of filtered water makes it more appealing to drink in larger volumes than tap. This is key for proper hydration, which supports overall digestive health and acidity relief.

When water intake is optimized, your body can properly dilute and flush out stomach acid. Filtered water also doesn't contain any hard water minerals that could leave you feeling more parched. So for effective hydration that quenches your thirst and reduces acidity symptoms, filtered water is a top choice.

5. Removes Impurities

When your stomach is already irritated and sensitive due to acidity, the last thing it needs is to process additional impurities from water. However, regular tap water contains an assortment of chemicals and particles that are added during treatment and delivery.

Filtered water provides a cleansing solution by removing these potential digestive irritants. Chlorine, fluoride, magnesium, and other elements are all filtered out, leaving just pure water. This allows filtered water to soothe rather than aggravate your stomach lining. Choosing this purified option means fewer impurities for your body to break down, helping reduce acidity discomfort.

6. Minimizes Bloating and Gas

Excess stomach acid is a common cause of uncomfortable bloating and intestinal gas during acidity flare-ups. As food spends more time in the digestive tract, these symptoms are more likely. However, filtered water can help reduce this. Its neutral pH and lack of impurities allow the stomach to empty properly.

This means food moves through the digestive system smoothly instead of stagnating. When your gut is functioning optimally, it prevents gas from building up. Choosing filtered water's supportive qualities means less abdominal pressure and pain from bloating, keeping you feeling better.

Some Alternative Beverages That Can Also Aid in Acidity Relief

Apart from filtered water, there are multiple beverages available that can also be beneficial in reducing acidity problems.

1. Herbal Teas:

Specific herbal teas such as ginger, chamomile, fennel tea, etc. can greatly aid in acidity relief. This is because these teas usually have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the discomfort that is associated with acidity.

2. Aloe Vera Juice:

You can also consider drinking aloe vera juice for acidity relief, all because of its healing and soothing properties. Aloe vera juice can greatly help in reducing inflammation in both the stomach and esophagus. Besides this, it will provide comfort to heartburn and indigestion.

3. Coconut Water:

According to doctors, coconut water is a natural, and hydrating beverage that is highly low in terms of acidity. This special type of water contains electrolytes such as potassium, which can greatly help replenish fluids and balance the body’s pH levels.

So, these are some of the alternative beverages that you can consider drinking if you are suffering from acidity.

Final Words:

When suffering from unpleasant acidity, filtered water could be a smart choice to help your digestive system feel better. Its neutral pH, lack of impurities, and ability to hydrate effectively all support relief from stomach discomfort. Filtered water is easy for your gut to process without further irritation. Give it a try the next time acidity strikes - your stomach will thank you!