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Reasons Why Americans Should Use Water Filters

Reasons Why Americans Should Use Water Filters

Alice L |

Access to clean water is something many Americans take for granted. We expect safe, great-tasting water to flow freely from our taps every day. But did you know that your water service doesn't filter out everything? Pipes can carry chemicals and tiny particles into your home.

While overall quality is monitored, the occasional contaminant slips through. Installing a water filter is an easy way to add another level of protection for your family. In this blog post, we will seven reasons why American should use water filters. 

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Reasons Why Americans Should Use Water Filters

Water filters can help Americans improve their health by cleaning tap water of chemicals and other impurities.

1. Remove Contaminants

Water filters are important because they help take out contaminants from drinking water that could make people sick. Many cities add things like chlorine to water to kill germs, but this can also create byproducts that are not good for us.

Filters help catch these and other chemicals or tiny particles that sometimes get into the pipes before the water reaches our homes. Cleaning the water means families can feel safer when drinking from the tap.

2. Improve Taste

Water filters can also boost the taste of tap water. Some contaminants can leave an unpleasant flavor in drinking water. Filtering removes these impurities so families enjoy water more. Kids may drink more water if it tastes better.

And adults likely won't add as much sugar or other sweeteners to their water when the natural flavor is good. Overall, using a filter makes basic tap water just as satisfying as bottled water.

3. Protect Health

Water filters help shield your health by taking harmful materials out of water. Certain chemicals and microbes in water could make people sick if swallowed over time. Young children and elderly individuals may be more at risk.

Filters catch small pollutants that testing does not always find. By cleaning the water before you use it, you can feel safer when drinking, cooking, and bathing. You'll also save money since you won't need to purchase bottled water. Best of all, your family will stay healthier just by staying hydrated with pure water from your tap.

4. Reduce the Risk of Toxins

Water filters can lessen the chance of toxins entering your body. Unfortunately, municipal water systems don't filter out all potentially dangerous contaminants. Harmful substances like heavy metals and pesticides occasionally seep into the water supply despite best efforts.

A home water filter acts as an extra layer of protection by catching toxins that could be lingering in your tap water. Over long periods, even small amounts of toxins may build up in a person's system. Using a filter is a simple step you can take to help reduce this risk for your family each and every day.

5. Lower Skin/Dental Issues

Water filters can help decrease the likelihood of skin and dental problems. Unfiltered tap water may contain traces of chemicals like chlorine that are used to disinfect municipal supplies. While chlorine kills germs, it's also harsh on skin and tooth enamel over time.

A home filter removes chlorine and other irritants before you use the water. This means your skin won't become as dried out from bathing, and your teeth won't suffer from enamel erosion. You'll also avoid the drying effects of chlorinated water if you use it to cook foods or make baby formula. Overall, your appearance and oral health can benefit from filtered water.

6. Better for Cooking and Drinks 

Using a water filter is better for cooking and drinks too. Unfiltered tap water can leave an off-taste in food and beverages. A filter cleans the water, so recipes don't absorb any unpleasant flavors. Kids may drink more plain water and less sugary drinks if the water tastes good.

Coffee and tea will have a smoother taste when brewed with filtered water. And boiling water won't concentrate contaminants like it can with unfiltered supplies. Overall, a filter helps ensure your family enjoys healthier, great-tasting meals and drinks made with or using water.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Water filters are an environmentally conscious choice. They help reduce the need for plastic bottled water, which is bad for the planet. Truckloads of empty bottles end up in landfills, where they'll take centuries to decompose. But with a filter, you can refill reusable containers from your tap and avoid plastic waste.

Filters also conserve water compared to letting taps run until the water is cold. Less water used means lower utility bills, too. Overall, installing a filter supports sustainability by lessening your household's impact on the earth's resources. Future generations will appreciate these small steps we take today.

Different Types of Water Filters That Americans Consider Using

Although the market is filled with a wide range of filtration systems, below we have discussed the ones that are most likely to be suitable for Americans.

1. Reverse Osmosis Filters

These are the most advanced and widely used filtration systems throughout the USA. RO filters make use of a special semi-permeable membrane that efficiently catches both small and large contaminants in the water that is passing through it.

The water these filters provide will not only be completely clean and safe but also have a better taste and odor. However, it is also important to note that, these filters require regular maintenance and also usually more expensive than other filters.

2. Undersink Water Filters

The name is already saying everything. Undersink water filtration systems are compact ones that are specifically designed for kitchen purposes. They are installed beneath the kitchen sink and are usually connected to the main faucet. This way, they will provide homeowners with a consistent supply of filtered water on demand for cooking, washing, or even drinking.

Moreover, these filtration systems are also effective at removing a wide range of contaminants from the water.

3. Pitcher Filters

Pitcher filters are the most convenient and affordable types of water filters that Americans can consider using. These contain a filter cartridge, a pitcher, and a water reservoir. So, all you need to do is just pour the water into the upper side of the pitcher, and its filtered version will be collected in the water.

However, keep in mind that, these filters are only suitable for small familiar with 1 to 2 persons.  

Wrapping Up

Due to the quality concerns regarding tap water quality, Americans should consider using water filtration systems. Apart from this, there are several other valid reasons as well that we have discussed in this blog, we hope you will find them valuable.