Frizzlife Basic Whole House Sediment Pre-filtration System - JB400

Frizzlife Basic Whole House Sediment Pre-filtration System - JB400



  • High Efficiency Whole House Pre-Filtration: JB400 whole house sediment water filter system uses 40 micron stainless steel filter mesh, which can efficiently filter out large particles like sediment, debris, rust, dirt, sand before raw water entering downstream plumbing system. Acts as the first defense line to your home water appliances (e.g. dishwasher, wash machine, water heater etc.), and prolongs service lifespan of these facilities.
  • Quick Installation & Twist To Flush: This whole home sediment filter can be easily installed to main water pipe within a few minutes. JB400 adopts Twist-To-Flush design, which is quick and easy without disassembly. With provided 1/4” quick connect drain tubing attached, simply twist the flush valve to complete flushing, which ensures the filter mesh is always thoroughly cleaned and kept away from clogging issue, and help extend filter lifespan.
  • Heavy Duty Material & Crack-Free: JB400 reusable whole house sediment water filter features with reinforced construction. Main body is made of food grade heavy-duty plastic, which has passed bursting test and water hammer test, thus is proved to be sturdy enough to withstand strong feed water pressure. The valve head and adapters use lead-free brass copper materials, which also guarantees its durability. No more cracking or leaking issue!
  • Maintain Strong Water Flow: JB400 has minimum impact on feed water pressure and almost maintain original feed water pressure level. The water flow rate can reach 17.5 GPM, therefore guarantees sufficient and in-time supply of pre-filtered water to downstream household water fixtures.
  • Great Compatibility: Comes with two 3/4” push-to-connect fittings, this spin down sediment water filter is compatible with All threaded connectors (Not Included): 1” female NPT, 3/4” Male NPT and 3/4” Female NPT. 
  • Brand: Frizzlife
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SKU: JB400

under sink water filter
Reliable Whole House Pre-Filtration
  • Adopts food-grade stainless steel filter mesh with filtration accuracy of 40 microns.
  • It does a great job in capturing sediment, debris, dust, dirt, sand, and large particles, and therefore stops these floaters from entering your home water supply.
Flushable & Reusable 
  • Thanks to the twist-to-flush design, all you need is to twist the flush valve to let the drain water flow out from the attached drain tubing. No disassembly work is needed!
  • The flushable and reusable sediment water filter makes your maintenance work hassle-free!
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
Matintain Strong Water Flow
  • Most sediment backwashing filters have a great impact on feed water pressure. However, JB400 whole house pre-filtration system almost maintains the original water pressure level, thus can perfectly serve your daily on-demand water consumption.
Seamless Installation 
  • JB400 is compatible with different pipes at your home. All you need is to get an appropriate threaded connector according to your pipeline specification. 
  • Compatible with All threaded connectors (Not Included): 1” female NPT, 3/4” Male NPT and 3/4” Female NPT.
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
Protect Water Appliances
  • Along with day-by-day usage, pipelines can easily have impurities build-up, which results in shortened service life of home water appliances, like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters.
  • JB400 takes care of your water-using appliances at home by stopping the sediment from floating in the waterline.

Q: How does the JB400 water filter affect TDS/PPM in water? 

A: TDS is not the definite way to test the water quality, TDS means total dissolved solids. For example, if you put very little salt(NaCl) into the water and test the TDS, you will find the result is dramatically high. The same thing, if your water is full of minerals, the TDS is very high too.

The JB400 doesn’t remove any of the minerals from water, it stops large particles such as sediments, and sands from raw water, and effectively protects the follow up filters from blockage. herefore, it is the reason why the TDS you get is not that lower as you expect.

TDS meter testing method is widely used in reverse osmosis systems since the RO filter system also removes minerals from water. If a RO membrane doesn’t have a good performance, the TDS will be relatively high. And if TDS is getting much higher, means it’s time to change the RO membrane.

So please do not use TDS to test any water except Reverse Osmosis System, because the result is meaningless.


Q: How often should the filter cartridges of JB400 be replaced?

A: The mesh filter of the JB400 is reusable and flushable. You don't need to replace the filter. Simply manually flush the system each month, please find monthly flushing instruction in the manulal. For regular cleansing, please take out the mesh filter and use the brush and vinegar to remove any mineral deposits.


Q: Can the water filter be used for on well water?

A: The sediment water filter is highly recommended to apply for municipal water.  It can also be used for different water sources including well water. Please kindly note that you may need to flush and clean the filter more frequently depending on your water quality. 


Model No.JB400Precision 40 micron
Product Dimensions7.1*3.8*2.6 inchesFlush TypeDirect flush
Working PressureMin.20psi Max.145psiFlow Rate17.5 GPM
Operating TemperatureMin.40ºF, Max 104ºF  

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