Frizzlife MP99 Under Sink Water Filter With Drinking Faucet

Frizzlife MP99 Under Sink Water Filter With Drinking Faucet


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  • Connect to the dedicated faucet provided
  • 2-in-1 Advanced Filtration: Removes over 99.99% of contaminants while leaving in all essential minerals. Eliminates lead (99%), chlorine (99%), heavy metals, VOCs, and much more. Also removes turbidity, odors, and bad taste.
  • Economic & Eco Friendly: Uses replaceable filter cartridge (FZ-2). Instead of luxuriously disposing of the entire plastic part, you only need to change the inside filter cartridge.
  • Auto Shut-off Design: Quick change twist-in design makes it take less than 3 minutes to install the system. The filter cap is designed with a built-in shut off valve. You don't even need to shut off the water supply when replacing the cartridge.
  • Stable Water Flow: The flow rate can reach up to 1.4 GPM @ 60 psi. Can always fill up a 330ml cup of water in 4 seconds.
  • Lead-free Stylish Faucet: Includes a lead-free stainless faucet with brushed nickel finish. The stylish and modern design can easily and nicely match your kitchen countertop.


  • Brand: Frizzlife
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SKU: MP99

under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
Certified Filtration Peformance
  • Full system has been tested by IAPMO R&T against NSF/ANSI 42/53.
  • Certifed filtration capability garantee your daily drinking water safety.
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
Stable Flow Rate
  • Comes with dedicated faucet with brushed nickel finish.
  • The flow rate can reach 1.4 GPM, serve your thirst in a snap.
  • ✔ Dedicated faucet provided;
  • ✔1.4 GPM @ 60 psi
  • ✔ Contact us if you need longer stem for thick granite;
Auto Shut-off Design
  • You don't need to cut off the water supply when replace filter cartridge.
  • All you need is twist to change.
  • 3 sec quick replacement
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
Super Low Replacement Costs
  • You only need to replace the cartridge inside, instead of throwing away the entire plastic housing.
  • Each FZ-2 filter cartridge is only $19.99, you only pay $0.09 PER DAY! Make your drinking water more affordable.
5 Min Installation
  • Comes with everything you need for installation, no extra tools or plumbing required.
  • Should be connected to dedicated faucet provided.
  • 1/4" quick connect tubing
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
Powerful & Compact Design
  • Unlike most other brands, MP99 is heavy and powerful.
  • The pressure ressistance can reach 800psi.
  • However, the size is compact enough to fit most kitchen counters.
Replacement Filters/Pack
under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system

David F.

Easy to install, works great, and a good price!

nicolas n.

arrived quickly and was very securely packaged to avoid even a scratch and the feel and quality is very high and instructions for installing were detailed and very easy to follow. Very happy with purchase

Michael P.

Well design, clear and easy installation instruction, and good customer support!


Beautiful and efficient item, excellent customer service

c B.

great price; easy install; will recommend to others CB

Somboon P.

This is mixed experience product and customer service.   The filter is good and easily to be changed.  There is no/less notification on the shipping/package tracking.  The company is in USA but utilize the credit card charging service outside USA and I got charge in foreign currency.  That resulted in currency exchange fee on my credit card.  I checked with the Frizzlife.  The Frizzlife's customer service response in the timely manner.  She mentioned that this never happened before and will check and let me know in 24 hours.  I have not here from her since then.  In the future, before purchasing from the Friaalife, I will need to add the currency exchange fee to the cost fo the product from Frizzlife.



Dank daniel

It works fine.Thanks

Dank daniel

It works fine.Thanks

William P. Hunt

In Houston, there are areas of our drinking water system that are dangerously high in Chromium 6, and it's really a no brainer.I find myself drinking more water, spending less on bottled water and satisfied that the water I consume is not a biohazard anymore.


Love how it filters the water. It takes the aweful taste and smell from our water. My husband put it in and it took him longer than 3 minutes. He worked on it for about an hour. It was worth the time and effort.


Easy installation. Water taste good.


Taste is really good, I didn't install it but it took a good 45 min to remove old facet and install. I really love this filter!


Easy installation, water flavor is natural


After years of patiently waiting on my Brita pitcher to filter water and being frustrated with constantly changing filters, I decided to give this product a shot, I should have done this years ago. After about a year of use I can confidently say, this products works as advertised with a high flow rate of clean good tasting water. With its current performance I am expecting this filter to last me between 2 - 3 years. In that time frame I would have spend way more replacing Brita water filters.Many reviewers give this product bad rating as they wrongly measure ppm of the water. This filter does not remove minerals from your water therefore is healthier. If you do not want minerals you may need to consider a reverse osmosis filter.

B. Bryant

I chose this model because you could install it so that your filtered water is separate from your faucet cold water. I can now get filtered water when needed but wasn't wasting filtered water to rinse the dishes which would make you go through more filters. I found the install easy, I used the hole that was on my faucet where a soap dispenser was installed, took that out and that allowed me to put this new faucet in it's place. One thing the company might think off adding to their product is a washer that has a wedge on one side to level out the faucet if people chose to use this hole that's provided on some faucets. I was able to use the wedge washer from the soap dispenser that I removed but if I didn't have this wedged washer the faucet would have leaned to the side a bit as the plate that the faucet sits on is not totally level. The worst part of my install was trying to get under my sink with the dishwasher drain lines, garbage disposal, drain pipes etc.. it was super tight but I managed to do it without having to unhook or move anything so that made me happy!! There is a warning on product that someone could miss and I wanted to point out: once unit is installed and everything has been checked for water leaks turn your filtered water to run fully open for 10 minutes to prep the new filter before using your faucet.The water tastes amazing, no weird flavors, crisp and clean!! I just installed this today so I'm hoping this filter will work for me long term. I found the directions for install to be more than adequate (also watched video on product page) and the install of the product was easy! I recommend this product, try it, I think you'll like it!


Easy to install and the directions are clear and concise. I needed a new water filter since I upgraded my faucet, and this was perfect!

Crystal Follis

Easy to install and my water did not task like the lake anymore.

Doris Medina

Satisfied and delighted with my purchase


It seems very well made product, better than the one I had.Installation was a good experience. It only took me 15 minutes to install, and no leakage!

David M.

Took me about 20 mins. to install but I had to take out an old system first. just like my wife it looks good, smells tastes good and IS good.


Soy plomero y este producto lo trae todo para instalar muy fancil y buen precio

Lutz E.

There's really nothing not to like: the installation worked very well, it arrived with all needed parts, even the water T-section faucet was stainless steel, not plastic as others do.I like the fact that it's a really big cartridge that needs replacement only every 2, max 3 years, and wastes less than others (no plastic enclosure that is thrown away, only the filter element itself is changed).One -minor- caveat: the unit is really big, twice the size of Filtret's or other units. No problem if you have adequate space but if you look under your sink and you scratch your head "'s tight there, I wonder if it fits.." then you might want to take some real measurements before you proceed. In our case, not an issue, fit perfect.I would buy it again.


Install was smooth & very good early results


The product is easy to install, has a great taste, has a long filter life (year+), and a reasonable filter replacement cost.

robson s brito

Great quality, price and taste. Got the filter as we have a baby on the way, and want to make sure he gets the best

Marie K.

Brushed stainless look, very nice.

Sheri Roper

So far so good. It's only been a half a day.


Love the filter!

Michael C

Very easy to install and simple instructions to follow. We loved how this filter faucet matched our kitchen sink faucets. Right away we noticed how fresh the water tasted. No more water bottles for us!

Mark Travis

At first, I was interested in a couple units that claimed 0.01uM water filtration (as opposed to 0.5uM), since 0.01uM would filter out all bacteria and most, if not all, viruses (the smallest virus is 0.02uM in size). But having worked in a laboratory for over thirty years, I know how difficult it is to force water through a 0.01uM I realized that the claims of 0.01uM filtration at 2.0 L/min at 60 PSI were probably false (and there are no shortage of false claims these days).The faucet is stainless steel and appears well made. The unit was not difficult to install and I had no leaks on the first try. Replacement filters are quite inexpensive and are very easy to change out. Most importantly, the water quality seems excellent, with no detectable odor.


Easy to install.. water doesn't taste good but it saves me from carrying 5 gallon water jug.

Clint B.

Clean and simple install even with the tight space under the sink. Finish on faucet looks high end.

Audrey J. Williams

Easy to install. Watch the video for complete Information. Immediate improvement to water taste.


The faucet look great and feels solid. The cartridge fits nicely under the sink. Very easy install.

Anshul S.

Excellent product and customer service

Jim Schmucker

Easy to install and had no smell or particles in my glass of water

Doma Travel Maspeth

Great filter, as mention earlier very easy to operate and install. Water taste very well. Love it and recommend the product.

Anthony N.

I`ve got two so far. going to get one for the frig.

natasha wright

Love this product ! I love that there is a tutorial easily accessible and clear direction to follow and install.I wasn't sure how I felt about the flavor in the beginning but I love it and I use it all the time and it is a great product and easy to put together.


Muy buena desde todos los ��ngulos

Lee E. Werst

Loved great tasting water again

Fly boy

Great tasting water. A lot of pressure . We use it to fill a craft for our Keurig and just take seconds !!!

Marcus McKenzie

Great filtered taste, fairly easy to install. Be sure to plan on the room for the filter, particularly space to remove the filter, since it kind of has to pull up and out at over 90 degrees rotation. With a garbage disposal, my regular 36 inch sink cabinet was crowded, but it works.

jimmy killian

This is the second one that I got and I woke up this morning and the whole floor is soaking wet it has started leaking again the first one leaked in the second and has leaked

David Welsh

Installed in class a motor home. Water tastes much better now. Tied ice maker into system. Easy to install. Looks good with sink faucet.

rodney foster

Very good product. Water is clean and fresh. Very easy to install. I would buy again.

florencio rayo

Excellent customer service.I bought one of this, and had a little dripping problem; customer service put attention to my complaint and immediately sent a replacement. I am happy with the results; no more dripping and no leaks.Good looking filtered water dispenser.


I am glad I found this filter. The filter quality is excellent, water tastes great and has no odor or heaviness. I have been drinking my water at room temperature and it tastes really good. I had purchased a pitcher with a filter but it only lasted 40 gallons and the water taste was far from being as good as it is after using this filter. I recommend it.

David Vitt

Easy to install and simple to change. Takes the chlorine taste from my water.

Dose Of Reality

It was very easy to install. I did have to buy a piece of flex hose to get the t adapter to fit. However everything seems high quality, and solid. The water tastes great. The filter faucet matches my main faucet. The replacement filters are easy to change out.

Abhinav Patel

Easy Installation

Martin Hinkelman

Works great. Water tastes better. Very happy with the product.

david ahrendt

Took about two hours to install but I could do a second one in an hour. Not as good as bottled water but it leaves in the good minerals so I tell myself that's why. Before I could barely drink my tap water if it was ice cold and not at all warm. Now I can drink it either way. I no longer go to the store every week with jugs and get looks from people about covid and refilling. Extremely happy! Highly recommend. One complaint, the valve has too small an inner diameter. I didn't want my kitchen sink restricted and to take longer to fill. So I bought a different valve here on Amazon. It's in the pic.

Lauro Montufar

Easy to install and saved us a lot of money!


Product easy to install, extra parts easy to replace filter

John Love

This is a great investment. You will notice a significant difference in the taste, in comparison to bottle water, or the refrigerator spicket. We've saved hundreds of dollars per year on store bought water. It's a one-time purchase. I installed it myself and I'll be honest, inserting myself under a tiny sink area was no laughing matter. That was the hardest part, but it was so worth it.

Mark A. Trammell

So far it has been pretty good. About the same or better than the the Pur faucet attached filter it was replacing. Water tastes very clean and good pressure. I do also have 2 ten inch whole house filters sitting at the front of my supply- sediment and carbon block (both 5 micron). This one says it is half a micron. Installation was pretty straight forward even though I hate doing plumbing. For some reason my kit came with double the fittings and hardware and two of the filter wrenches. *shrugs* I like the little tube connector fittings. They are like tiny sharkbite fittings. And they work just as well. No leaks thus far even though i was in a hurry getting it installed. As stated by others, the included faucet is a little on the wobbly side, but no too terrible. I can be easily rotated out of the way so you don't bang pots and pans off if it. I looked up alternative faucets and they are pretty pricey and didn't really look like they offered anything better. So I will stick with this one. I will say the one thing that made me choose this one was the fact that you replaced the inner filter, not the entire cartridge like others. This allows the replacement filters to cost much less. Overall, I would recommend this product, especially at this price point. Their website is also useful if you want info, support, or buy replacement parts (out of Colorado). Finally, I know a lot of people like to complain that this product isn't NSF/ANSI/42/53 certified. However, it IS independently tested by IAPMO R&T against those standards who happened to be accredited guessed it.. American National Standards Institute (ANSI). So you are safe people, you are safe.


You can taste the difference in your water. Why didn't I buy one of these sooner.


Looks and works great. The taste of the water at first was very filtered. No taste of minerals. But a month of use, the water pressure is really good, so it fills whatever you need quickly. The taste seems to have balanced out. Or maybe I'm used to it now.


Love this water filter nice product


Very pleased with product easy to install


After almost a year of use, I can say that this water filter has justified itself and I will continue to use it for a long time. Today I bought a new filter for replacement and as you can see in the photo the difference in water quality on the face. this filter stops all sorts of odors and unpleasant tastes and rust, and then very clean and pleasant-tasting drinking water is supplied to your glass. With this water filter, I can not worry about the quality and drink clean running water with the whole family. Removal and installation is very easy and not complicated. And if you notice that after 8-9 months or more months, the water pressure has become a little weaker, then it's time to change the filter, this is my observation. I Recommend this water filter and you will save a lot

Carole Keefer

Love it! This thing works great as a replacement for an older model one in our 1981 Airstream that had begun to leak around the seal. Very easy to install and works like a dream. Would definitely purchase again!


Easy to install and good tasting water 's  Great!


I love this product! 100% recommended


Easy install. Great product. Water taste great.

Patrick Kelly

The hardest part was drilling a new hole to place in my sink. Love this and super easy to install. Took care of the issues with my water.


Buena calidad. Exclente dise?o. Buen precio. C��modo para utilizar, hace juego con la mezcladora y fregadero.

Julia Halevy

So much easier than anticipated to install


Installed quickly and easily. Works well. Filtered water tastes good. Can't speak to the longevity of the filter at this point, but I'm very pleased. Would buy it again.


Easy to install specially with PEX pipe


I'm actually pretty impressed with this filter. Installation was a breeze. It drastically improved the smell and taste of our water. We live in an area where the water quality is awful. Our water always has a dirty or fishy smell and this filter removed the smell and improved the taste big time! I would highly recommend this filtration system!


I have been using Amway for over 10 years. The filter price is cheaper than Amway and the water taste is not bad. You can also buy a filter on Amazon, so I think I changed it very well. It is so good.


Fits perfectly and easy to install

Derikk Troutman

I installed this in a house that uses a well and the water has a lot of sediment in it. I have two sediment filters already and installed this at the kitchen sink. Water tastes great and is way more convenient than using a jug filter. Well worth the money

Ellen P.

This product far exceeded my expectations. I have a point well with water that contains a lot of iron. Not very tasty. I have tried other water filters with marginal success. The frizzlife filter has given me clear good tasting water.

Cody Hewson

This kit had just about everything needed for install. I couldn't believe it invited a full roll of Teflon tape and plenty of extra water line and spare parts. Ran it for 10 minutes and the water tastes great


This Day & Age, this is a must have IMHO, Price was reasonable, install was a breeze and I'm in my mid 60's, although I have done this type of work for years...installation was still very very simple! Shipping via Prime, so that was quick.I do highly recommend this product and would but again if & when needed!


Easy connects made installing the beautiful water spout on the sink a breeze, and so gorgeous it is! Also, the filter system comes with super easy to connect snaps and components, it was installed in 30 minutes. Love this thing. Also, the filter last an entire year, so about 4 bucks a month. We through away our 'Pur" filter that was attached to the pour end of our faucet, not only ugly but just about if not more expensive to buy. I can't say enough, it's great.

Jeff Davis

This is a great filter that was easy to install, with clear instructions, all the parts and tools necessary and even includes a link to a video to explain the process. The water tastes great and the filter under the sink isn't huge. They say the filter should be replaced every six months so we'll see if the taste stays pristine until then. The replacement filter FZ-2 is available on Amazon but not as a subscription. Too bad. Otherwise, I'm very happy and recommending to the fam!!


This is my first water filter. I've never even had one in a pitcher or water bottle. That being said, this is amazing! It is super easy to install. Tastes amazing! Our water tastes like the chlorine the city uses to make it safe. Some times it's overwhelming. We usually have to leave the water sit for a time so the chlorine can evaporate. Noticable difference on the first sip. The MP99 includes a faucet. I didn't realize that. I got a new kitchen faucet at the same time. Got one with a sprayer because that's what we had before. Rather then return it or drill another hole, I just let the sprayer hang under the sink. At least now I can fill the mop bucket without using a pitcher. LOL!

Patrick Walsh

My public water got more chlorinated recently and the taste was appalling. This filter system is a breeze to install and is made from quality materials, no leaks! Excellent taste. Clear instructions. Well done.


What can I say, it's great!

Luis S.

Omg this was such a great idea, i used to feel so bad every time i had to open a plastic water bottle generating all that plastic was a waste, once i installed this filter i thought i would make water at least a little bit more "clean" and i was wrong it actually filtered the water so good that i couldnt smell the clorox or whatever chemicals they use on the water, also couldnt taste them either, the quality of water we have now its amazing! And we are so happy we are not generating plastic anymore, now on ill be using this for as long as i can. Its definitely worth it.The only cons i would say are: it requires a tool to open a hole on the sink so you could place it and that tool is not included, so you will probably have to buy it separately, i recommend you hire some guy to install it for you, believe me, you will save a lot of time and hassle.


We can't get it tight enough but another washer should help it when we put in our new faucets to match. Water tastes great. Easy to install.


Supposed to be simple to install but I would use a plumber!

Elisabete Rodrigues

Excellent product!

Mark Christian

I'm the hero! I was using a counter top water filter because the water is kind of gross on the North side of San Antonio. My wife would get annoyed because there was never any water in the container when she was thirsty and it took a long time to filter. I bought this system and installed it togday. I think this is the most water we've were drank. I like the cool design that looks good in our kitchen. Set up was fairly easy besides the normal challenged of working on your back under the sink. I'm so happy I purchased this filter. I was feeling bad for using plastic bottles all the time. Buy it, you'll enjoy it


I have had this water filter for a just under a year. At install I had to buy parts from homedepot because there was a defective part but was a simple solve. The water filters great and has a great taste. Will definitely buy again and recommend it to anyone. You have to remember this is only a water filter not a water softener.




Frizzlife Part Number MP99 Believe it or not, I went through four (4) different below $100 undersink filters. NEVER by a GE-branded filter in this class. They are poorly designed, will eventually leak, and are unforgiving wen installing. I know because when my ld GE filter failed, I ordered an new GE filter and it was crap. I am not a rookie at home plumbing or water filter installation. The Frizzlife filter reviewed hear (undersink with separate faucet) was a breeze to install and can be easily disassembled if after installation you want to change or clean up the routing of the pipes or the placement of the filter body. NOTE: If you have an older home that has a supply line that ends in the common 1/2" copper pipe threads, you will need an adapter because this system attaches to what are called '3/8" compression threads' (despite the fact that the connection is not a compression connection). This is common these days. Search for "Frizzlife Brass NPT Thread Pipe Fitting Converter - 1/2 to 3/8 inch" on Amazon if you need the adapter. You can also buy an adapter suitable for potable water at Lowes or Home Depot, but you have to know walking in exactly what you need. Either way, an adapter will cost you between $6 and $8 extra. This filter kit cam e well packaged, and all of the components appear to be quality components. One handy feature is that they supply a valve in the line going to the faucet for the filtered water. If for some reason you want to remove the filer or have a leak down that branch, you can just close the valve. All of the plastic hoses are retained by clips. If you remove those clips, you can take the hose out of the coupling and shorten or reroute it. The faucet itself is nicely made, looks good and functions well. We like having the separate faucet because our water quality is good enough that we only need filtered water for cooking and consumption. If I am washing my hand for ten minutes after doing auto repair, I don't need to use up the filter life for that. Filters are expensive, especially for some companies, but Frizzlife filter are less expensive and last a long time. So, this water filter update in my kitchen sink was something of an ordeal. If I had ordered the Frizzlife filter the first time, it would have been a piece of cake. I'm just a homeowner with no connections or affiliations with any company. I am simply very pleased with this product after searching for hours to choose the best option and going through two duds before finally receiving this Frizzlife undersink unit.


Wow...I'm drinking tap water again! Due to getting deathly sick from bad water 30 yrs ago I became very picky about water. If there is a taste or odor I will not drink it. I recently ran out of bottled water and I am high risk for the corona virus, so I decided it was time for an alternative source. I am very happy with my odor or taste...just good clear water. I cannot say what it does or does not take out of the water without a lab analysis...TDS isn't accurate. But I can say that if I can drink it and it is not upsetting me is working. Also by registering with the company...they upped the warranty to 3 yrs...good deal in my eyes.

Winn Dixie

Very happy with product. Exactly as described. Very easy installation and doesn't take up much room.

Damir Ibrahimovic

Where have I been all this years?!?! I wish I did this sooner! Water taste as like it is from bottle water! So happy. INSTALLATION WAS VERY EASY AND YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED, NOTHING TO BUY EXTRA!


All you need is a little DIY disposition and you can install it in 30 min or less if you don't have to drill the hole in your existing sink,... The easy connections make it a breeze to hook it up. and the water taste like is supposed to : no chlorine taste at all! Recommended to anyone who wants to stop wasting money in bottle water and wants good tasting water.


I don't notice a change in taste, but trust it's filtering to make it better. I use this for cooking and do bottled water or fridge filtered otherwise. Looks nice, quiet operation, can move the spray. Matches my existing nickel kitchen faucet perfectly. Even the handles match.

Alan Gamble

Install was super easy, if you've never had to drill through a sink, do some research, buy the right bit and you'll be set. Water taste great.


Oh my gosh... buy this! I grew up drinking well water and this water is just as good. It's bubbly, clean, refreshing, light... just good. Very easy to install and looks so incredibly elegant. I cannot stop telling people about this product. I will use forever. The price is excellent as well.. especially being that the water is so good@


Top quality of all pieces of hardware. Everything piece snapped into place without leaving a doubt of uncertainty.

Q: How does the MP99 water filter affect TDS/PPM in water? 

A: TDS is not a professional way to test the water quality, TDS means total dissolved solids. For example, if you put very little salt(NaCl) into the water and test the TDS, you will find the result is dramatically high. The same thing, if your water is full of minerals, the TDS is very high too.

The MP99 doesn’t remove any of the minerals from water, it only stops heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, and over 70-80 VOCs, and it removes greatly the chlorine from water. Therefore, it is the reason why the TDS you get is not that lower as you expect.

TDS meter testing method is widely used in reverse osmosis systems since the RO filter system also removes minerals from water. If a RO membrane doesn’t have a good performance, the TDS will be relatively high. And if TDS is getting much higher, means it’s time to change the RO membrane.

So please do not use TDS to test any water except Reverse Osmosis System, because the result is meaningless.

Q: How often should the filter cartridges of MP99 be replaced?

A: About the service life of the FZ-2 filter cartridge for MP99, there is no exact time to tell customers when to change the filter, all the specification data of the flow capacity that is listed on the sticker is based on actual test from the laboratory and it's provided water. The feed water quality is very much different for different users. If we have to give out a service life by time, we would say 6-8 months based on your water quality and the volume of water you use every day.

Here are some suggestions to judge if it's time to change the filter: First is the taste, if you feel the taste of the water has a big difference, then it's time to change. Second is the water flow, the carbon has the highest precision of 0.5 microns, 10 times higher than most of the other brands with a similar product, if your water is getting too bad, it means the carbon is blocked because your water has many small particles and VOCs.

You will need to know that the performance of a water filter is decreasing by daily usage and will finally get exhausted, so Frizzlife will suggest every user change the filter more often to get the best water.

Q: Why water filter can not be used on well water?

A: This filter should be used in conjunction with municipally treated drinking water or water that has been properly disinfected before use. The water filter cartridge is manufactured with 0.5micron carbon (top rate) that will get easily clogged up by any type of dirt or settlement from a well.

Q: How can I connect the MP99 filter system to the refrigerator/ice maker?

A: If you would like your refrigerator or ice maker to have clean and safe water from the Frizzlife filter system, we also have an IMC-1 icemaker kit available on our online store. 

Q: My granite countertop is too thick, will the faucet of MP99 be compatible?

A: For countertop thicker than 1.5 inches (3.8 cm), please contact us at to claim for a longer stem.

Model No.MP99Filter Cartridge InsideFZ-2
Product Dimensions5 x 5 x 13.5 inchesItem Weight4.4 lb
Operating TemperatureMin.39ºF,Max 100ºFOperating Pressure20psi Max. 80psi
Flow Rate1.4 GPM @ 60 psiUsage EnvironmentIndoor use only 

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