How Do Water Filters Help the Environment

How Do Water Filters Help the Environment

Robin Collins |

If we want to live a happy yet healthy lifestyle, then we must have to take care of the earth’s environment. There is no doubt our environment is facing a number of challenges, and plastic pollution is one of them.

And do you know? The major source of plastic pollution is the use of plastic water bottles. According to a stat, Americans purchase around 50 billion plastic water bottles every year, and most of them are not recycled, ending up as litter in the environment.

So, to prevent plastic pollution, people must need to shift from bottled water to water filters (the best alternative to bottled water). The use of water filters can greatly help in making our earth’s environment more appropriate and healthy for both humans and other creatures in a number of ways.

In this blog post, we are going through all of those in detail. But before directly heading towards the ways let’s first understand what actually water filters.

What are water filters & how do they work?

These are specially designed systems to filter regular or tap water to make it totally free of hazardous contaminants or impurities. Some common contaminants removed by water filters are as follows:

· Bacteria

· Chemicals

· Viruses

· Heavy metals

· Sediment

Water filters are available in different types, such as whole-house filters, reverse osmosis filters, countertop filters, and many more. Each type removes certain impurities and contaminants from the water.

When it comes to working, water filters make use of different physical barriers, filtration techniques, and chemical and biological processes to filter water. However, it is important to note that, the working of the water filter depends on its type.

For instance, reverse osmosis filters use a special semi-permeable membrane (containing small pores). The water is forced to pass through the membrane to make it safe and clean. Now, it is time to head towards our main topic.

Ways Through Which Water Filters Can Help in Making the Environment Better

There is no doubt that, water filters can help you to live eco-friendly. In order to help environment, they contribute through a number of ways. This section has discussed the major ones.

1. Greatly helps in reducing plastic waste:

We already know, plastic waste is a big concern for our environment. And unfortunately, the use of plastic water bottles is increasing day by day because these bottles are easily available and highly convenient. But this convenience comes at a cost.

The cost is that, after use, plastic bottles are usually discarded into the environment, and cause damage to the waterways, animals, aquatic life, and humans also. And let us tell you, plastic water bottles do not quickly decompose; instead, after some time, they break down into small pieces known as microplastics that can pose serious health.

So, the introduction of water filters has reduced the need to purchase bottled water by providing the same quality water in a sustainable manner. By installing water filtration systems in our homes, we can minimize the use of plastic bottles, which will further reduce plastic pollution from the environment.

2. Conservation of sources:

This is yet another way through which water filters make the environment better. Water filtration systems play a key role in preserving the quality of natural water sources by efficiently eliminating a wide range of toxic impurities and contaminants.

This removal helps reduce the strain on freshwater reserves and ecosystems, ensuring maximum availability of clean and safe water for both humans and creatures.

Apart from this, water filters only require minimal electricity to work as compared to traditional water treatment systems. This reduction in energy usage contributes to overall conservation efforts and promotes sustainable practices in treating contaminated water.

3. Reduced fossil fuel consumption:

Plastic water bottles are made from fossil fuels and natural gas. And their manufacturing process requires millions of barrels of oil (transportation fuel is not included). Obviously, this is causing a lot of damage to the environment due to harmful chemicals that emit during the manufacturing process.

So, by utilizing a water filtration system, we can rely less on plastic bottles and reduce fossil fuels. When the demand for bottles decreases, production will also decrease, and ultimately, less harmful chemicals will enter the environment.

4. Save life of creatures living in oceans:

Do you know? When it comes to polluted items in oceans, plastic water bottles are at the top of the list. Each year, billions of plastic bottles are thrown into the oceans, making it difficult for aquatic life. In fact, many marine creatures, especially fish and seabirds, have died due to plastic pollution in the ocean.

So, by shifting from bottled water to water filters, we can reduce the amount of plastics that is thrown into the oceans and save the life of aquatic creatures.

These are some of the ways through which water filtration systems help in making our environment a better place to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any types of water filters?

Yes, water filters are available in multiple types. Some of the most common types include, reverse osmosis (RO), whole house, sediment filter, countertop, and undersink filtration systems.

Do water filters help in sustainable living?

The answer is yes, water filters do contribute to sustainable living by reducing the use of single-use plastic water bottles, while also conserving natural water sources.

 Can water filtration systems help in saving energy?

Yes, they can help in saving energy by reducing the need for bottled water production and its transportation.

Final Thoughts

We must need to protect our environment from pollution. There are a number of steps that you can take in this regard. One is shifting yourself to water filters. These are specially designed to filter regular water to make it free from impurities.

Due to this, they are considered the most suitable alternative to bottled water. Water filters can help in making the environment better in a number of ways. In this article, we have explained those ways in detail, hope you will find them valuable.