WB99 Countertop RO System

  • NSF/ANSI 58 Certified RO Membrane
  • Alkaline RO Water

Slider Mobile PD Series


PD Series RO System

Clean and healthy drinking water

Slider Mobile Water Filters

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Under Sink Water Filters

  • SW Single Stage
  • DW Dual Stage
  • TW Triple Stage

Pure. Healthy. Accessible.

Our product range is diverse and specifically crafted to suit your individual requirements

Ideal for your home

Our water filters are tailor-made to cater to your unique preferences

Feel a sense of relief with Frizzlife

We want to offer everyone the option to have access to healthy drinking water, while protecting the Earth, too.

With our expert reverse osmosis systems, you’re able to live a healthy life with access to clean water, without hesitation. We have a variety of systems and options, giving you the chance to find the one that works best for you.

We believe that good health begins with pure water, and that starts with Frizzlife.

What our customers say?

I am a 66 year old woman, and after watching the video, I figured I would give the installation a try all by myself. To my amazement, it was really easy, and worked right away with NO LEAKS! Besides that, the water runs and tastes great, so far. Highly recommended!

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San Francisco, USA

I am so pleased with the water quality. The difference in the water taste is substantial as our water has always had a heavy chlorine smell and taste, but now there is absolutely no smell or taste now. I regret not purchasing this sooner. and highly recommend as it was super easy to install...

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Alberta, Canada

Not only is their filter system great, but their customer service is actually really helpful and engaging as well. I would recommend their filters simply because of the security from the company.

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John Almonte

New-York, USA

I used to work for a water filtration company in Florida so I know a quality filtration system when I experience the product and the water. This system is very hard to beat for the money. The quality of the water coming out of this system is just as good as home filtration systems that cost double if not three times as much, and the ease of install was superb. Well engineered product. I have been impressed.

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Charles Knight

Florida, USA

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