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3 Quick Tips For Choosing Right Water Filter For Home

3 Quick Tips For Choosing Right Water Filter For Home

Jessie S |

As concerns over drinking water quality continue to grow, there are more and more water filtration systems are introduced on market. How to choose a right water filter system seems to be a headache task. Here are three quick tips that can help you to select the most suitable water filter system for your home. 

1. Consider the types of filtration to choose from

This is the most important factor that needs to be considered. Different types of filtration technology can do a better job in reducing certain contaminants than others. For example, RO system can reduce arsenic and fluoride than other filtration methods.

In the meanwhile, you should also think about and balance other factors, such as costs and the ease of installation.

2. Evaluate the contaminants in your water

You need to know what are the harmful contaminants in your water so you can choose an appropriate filter method that is most efficient for your home use.

3. Identify your own water needs

After testing your water quality, you should be clear about your own water needs. Do you want to filter all water that enters your home? Or just need water to be filtered when it is being consumed? For the former goal, the point-of-entry system is a better choice, which is installed at the point where water enters your home. For the latter, point-of-use system is recommended, which is installed at the point where water is used.