Are you contributing to plastic waste?

Are you contributing to plastic waste?

Robin Collins |

According to Forbes (2017), the ocean is estimated to contain more plastic than fish by weight. 

Based on the revealed statistics, globally humans buy one million plastic bottles per minute and 91% of all plastic is not recycled. Over consuming BOTTLED water is one of main causes of such a dire situation. 

Are you still drinking bottled water? It is time to switch to Frizzlife water! 

Good reason to abandon bottled water and choose Frizzlife water 

1. Most importantly, the quality of Frizzlife water  is equal to or even surpasses that of bottled water. 

2. Drinking filtered water from your faucet is much cheaper than buying bottled water

3. For most Frizzlife systems, you only need to change inside cartridges instead of entire plastic part. Save plastic waste again!