The Aging Water Infrastructure in America

The Aging Water Infrastructure in America

Robin Collins |

According to Business Insider (2017), there is an urgent need to upgrade the water infrastructure in America, including but not limited to water pipe and water treatment. Because of aging water infrastructure, nearly 60% of Americans worry about their drinking water safety.


Impact On Private Water Systems

If pipelines are corroded, lead and copper can leach into water, which may result in damage to brain, kidney failure and other diseases in the long term.


Lack of well caps allows other water of unknown quality, insects and bacteria to enter the well. Besides, cracked casing of wells also allow harmful contaminants to pollute well water.


Waste water treatment exposes another hidden danger to drinking water. Failure to properly teat drain water will pollute private wells and even municipal systems.


Looking for a solution?

The aging water infrastructure contributes to increasing harmful contaminants threatening water safety across the US, which has protruded the importance of choosing a right water filter for home. With small amount of investment on Frizzlife water solution, you can easily combat the issues caused by aging water infrastructure.