The Danger of Plastic Water Bottles - Start Using Filtered Water

The Danger of Plastic Water Bottles - Start Using Filtered Water

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Plastic water bottles have become an essential part of our daily people, all because of their convenience. But remember, their convenience comes at a cost. The environmental impacts of plastic bottles and the health risks associated with it are becoming a growing concern.

As people are getting awareness regarding the serious dangers of plastic water bottles. They are switching to filtered water. The reason behind this switch is that filtered water is safer and more cost-effective as compared to bottled water.

In this frizzlife blog, we will be explaining the scary dangers of plastic water bottles and how using filtered water can be a good solution.

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Plastic Water Bottles - Overview

We are seeing from past several years, there has been a greater awareness negative effects of using plastic water bottles. Unfortunately, despite the fact that most people are aware that plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment. This awareness has not resulted in a major decrease in the usage of reusable water bottles.

In fact, the use of plastic bottles continues to rise, with people using an average of 500 billion plastic water bottles per year. In this modern where recycling is easier than ever, 90% of plastic water bottles are not recycled after use. This results in billions of plastic bottles ending up into landfills and oceans. It is estimated that over a million marine species each year are killed by plastic trash.

Some Common Health Risks Associated with Drinking Plastic Bottled Water

Chemical leaching:

You may know plastic water bottles are usually made with chemicals. The chemicals like phthalates, bisphenol, etc. There is a strong chance that these chemicals can get their way. Especially if the water is stored in the plastic bottle longer than usual.

According to medical experts, the chemical used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles can lead to reproductive issues, hormonal problems, development issues, etc.

Ingestion of microplastic:

As the time passes, plastic water bottles break into tiny microplastics. And end up leaching into the water that is stored in it.

Drinking water that is affected by microplastics can lead to a range of health issues like increased inflammation, oxidative stress, or even cancer.

Chance of bacterial growth:

Reusing plastic water bottles may contribute to creating a breeding of bacteria. This can then lead to infections and other health problems.

These are some common dangers of drinking plastic bottled water.

How Using Filtered Water Can be Good Solution to Plastic Water Bottles

Filtered water is a type of water that is specially treated to remove all kinds of impurities like bacteria, viruses, minerals, etc from it. You can easily find a range of water filters like reverse osmosis, under sinks, countertops, etc, that will help you in filtering the water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water – That You Need to Know

You are spending an ample of cash on bottled water, right? because you don't like the taste of regular water.

If the answer to the previous is in “’yes”, then you might be interested to learn how using filtered water can be beneficial for you in terms of both quality, and cost-effectiveness.

By filtering the water at the source, water filters provide safe and tasty water at the touch of a tap. But what benefits might one expect from using filtered water?

We'll list seven of them for you.

1. Taste:

The contaminants or impurities can give regular water a bad taste, color, and odor. However, by filtering it using water, you can easily improve its taste, odor, and smell.

2. Toxins:

Hazardous contaminants are removed from the water by the filter, which will result in improved health.

3. Reduced Cost:

Filtered water is more cost-effective as compared bottled water. And provide long-term benefits.

4. Prevention of Cancer:

By eliminating toxic impurities from the water, filtered water reduces your risk of getting some serious diseases and cancer is on top of the list.

5. Removal of bacteria:

Throughout the year, water filters keep you and your family healthier and happier by removing bacteria that might cause stomach issues.

6. Cooking:

You can not only use filtered water for drinking purposes only but also for cooking as well. Cooking with safe and tasty water will also enhance your cuisine.

7. Children:

Water is essential for humans, but kids often dislike its flavor. When your kids found the water tasty, they are more likely to start drinking more water than usual, resulting in improved health.

By switching to filtered water, you can protect both your health and the environment from the dangers of plastic water bottles. Apart from this, you will have peace of mind and saving of cash spent on purchasing bottled water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of impact plastic water bottles can cause on the environment?

Using plastic bottles is greatly damaging the earth's environment. The reason behind this saying is that bottles are not often recycled. Instead, they just end up getting into landfills and oceans, and plastic bottles can take hundreds of years to decompose, and during this time, they can cause damage to the human environment, wildlife, and marine life.

What health risks using plastic water bottles can cause humans?

Drinking bottled water for a prolonged period of time can cause serious health issues to human health. The health risks usually involve hormonal issues, development issues, reproductive problems and many more.

How using filtered water can be beneficial?

Drinking filtered water is more appropriate as compared to bottled water. This is so because it is not only free from contaminants but also a more cost-effective option.

Final Words

There is no doubt that using plastic water bottles is causing significant dangers to both humans and the earth's environment. To prevent the dangers, switching to filtered water can be a reliable option. This article has covered the scary dangers of plastic bottles in detail, and how using filtered water can be a good solution.