What is the relationship between drinking water and your daily calorie needs?

What is the relationship between drinking water and your daily calorie needs?

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Every New Year, many people’s resolutions contain an item – weight loss. From appetite-suppressing pills to intermittent fasting, there are many options promising dramatic weight loss. Unfortunately, after a while, they regain the weight loss, which is often demotivating and frustrating.


It's an open secret that to maintain weight loss, you need to get plenty of exercises and follow a healthy diet. However, drinking water is an integral part of the puzzle. There are good scientific reasons why weight loss is helped by simply drinking water, and this article explores the link. So, will drinking water help you lose weight?'


 Water reduces calorie consumption 


A sugar drink like coke has 140 calories. If you drink one daily, you will need to burn off an extra 51,100 calories in a year. Fruit juice and sports drinks are often worse.


Switching between high-calorie drinks for water will help control weight gain. A study (Deborah, 2012)  conducted for six months found that obese and overweight adults who replaced high-calorie drinks with water lost between 2% to 2.5% of their weight and were more likely to achieve 5% weight loss than others who didn’t.


You can’t just switch your soft drinks for a sugar alternative. Studies(University of Sydney, 2016) have shown that sugar alternatives can make you feel hungry, nudging you to munch on. Artificial sweeteners will increase the sweet intensity of real nutritive sugar, motivating you to eat more.


 Water will suppress your appetite 


Older adults and middle-aged adults are at risk of being obese and overweight, but studies have shown they will benefit from drinking water daily before each meal. In one study(Honor, 2015) In one study(Honor, 2015)


Kate Pickles (2016) revealed that water would expand your stomach and send a signal to your brain, saying you are full, reducing your hunger pangs and total calorie intake. This way, you will be exploiting the way your mind often confuses hunger and thirst.


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 Water helps you burn calories. 


For your body to burn calories, it needs to be well hydrated. Once you are dehydrated, your bodily functions and metabolism will become slow, hindering the fat-burning process. Also, when you drink water, it induces short-term metabolic and cardiovascular changes that burn a few calories. This is very true for cold water, as your body requires more energy to warm it to body temperature.


One study(M Girona, 2014)  reported that people who drank cold water increased their energy consumption by over 90 mins by 2.9%. When they drank room temperature water, their energy consumption increased by 2.3%, while body temperature water recorded no increase in energy expenditure at all.


This makes sense; your body needs to burn calories to warm cold water to body temperature. As a result, you will be shedding some kilos, drinking only cold water; every bit helps.


 Next Step! - Clear Water Source 


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