Frizzlife PX500-A Alkaline/Remineralize RO Tankless Water Filtration System

Frizzlife PX500-A Alkaline/Remineralize RO Tankless Water Filtration System


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  • SUPERIOR FILTRATION PERFORMANCE】:Frizzlife PX500-A under sink tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system has a RO membrane (ASR313-500G) with precision at 0.0001 micron, which eliminates more than 1000+ kinds of contaminants (99.99%) from water including fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, TDS, limescale and lead&other heavy metals. The pre-filter(ASR311) greatly prolongs the service life of the RO membrane while the post alkaline filter(ASR313-A) remineralizes the pure water.
  • TANKLESS DESIGN】 With a high capacity of 500 Gallons per day (GPD) vs. Conventional 50 GPD, Frizzlife PX500-A RO water filter abandons the traditional water tank. It takes up to 60% less space under the counter and swipes out the secondary pollution caused by the unventilated tank. The direct water flow can reach up to 0.35 GPM@ 60psi. The system could also be hooked up to your refrigerator by using IMC-1 (B07R7NH55L) to providing you crystal and healthy ice cubes.
  • EASY DIY INSTALLTION】Comes with filters loaded, Frizzlife RO water purification system is an integrated RO unit without a tank nor massive connection points. Fewer leakage concerns! It can be installed all by yourself in a breeze following a step-by-step installation video and comprehensive instructional user manual. Everything needed for installation is included in the package including a brush nickel faucet set! Save money from plumber hiring!
  • FILTER LIFE REMINDER & QUICK CHANGE】A filter life monitor is embedded in the operation panel. Blue light stands for good while red represents for low life, and it will beep when a change is needed. The replacement of Frizzlife RO water filtration system takes only 2 sec by a SINGEL TWIST. Change the 1st per 6 months, the 3rd stages per 12 months, and the 2nd RO membrane per two years. Frizzlife mini tank (B08P6RF58J) is also now available for solving the pulsing of the system due to unstable water pressure.
  • REMINERALIZATION & SUPER LOW DRAIN RATIO】One more step beyond pure water towards healthy, the 3rd stage of the RO system could alkalize pure water by adding back essential minerals and raise the pH to more than 7.5. Moreover, the system saves more than 450% waste water when compared to conventional RO systems. By generating 1.5 cups of pure water, only 1 cup of waste water would be drained, saving your bill and water.
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reverse osmosis  alkaline remineralization water filter
Remineralization & Alkaline Function
  • One of the unique selling points of the RO system is the alkaline and remineralization function. It is one step beyond pure water only towards ultimate health in long term. Utilizing natural elemental tiny stones and particles, the post-filter imitates the mineral stones under the bottom of the spring lake, restoring essential minerals and alkalizing water pH to above 7.5.
Fast and stable water outflow:
  • Thanks to the high capacity of 500 GPD, Frizzlife tankless PX500 can serve your family with instant freshwater from drinking faucet, filling a cup of water within 12 Sec. The package has a delicate brush nickel faucet included. Frizzlife also provides a Matte black choice for the face.
    water filter system  alkaline remineralization water filter
    reverse osmosis system alkaline remineralization water filter
    Filter Life Monitor
    • The color-coded indicators will remind you to change the filter cartridges in advance. Blue stands for good while red indicates a change of filter. The 1st (ASR311) is recommended to change per 6 months, while the 2nd RO membrane(ASR312) is recommended to replace per 2 years, and the 3rd (ASR313-A) stage is recommended to replace per year.
    Super Low Drain Ratio
    • The advanced RO filtration technology of tankless Frizzlife PX500 purification system saves up to 450% of water when compared to other brands on the market. Generating 1.5 cup of purified RO water will only produce 1 cup of waste water.
    • ①Make water bills more affordable
    • ②Water saving
    • ③Pay back the system in long term
    reverse osmosis system  alkaline remineralization water filter
    reverse osmosis system  alkaline remineralization water filter
    Ingenious Tankless Desig
    • Unlike conventional reverse osmosis systems, Frizzlife PX500 undercounter purifier is designed as an integrated unit without bulky water tank, occupying much less space. It also eliminates secondary pollution due to unventilated tank for your drinking water.
    • ①Save 70% space
    • ②Avoid secondary pollution
    • ③Integrated Water Board - No leakage
    DIY Installation and Easy Change
    • No more plumber fees!The integrated unit can be installed all by yourself within 30 min following comprehensive installation video on Youtube and a step-by-step user manual. The filters are super easy to change by a single twist!
    • ①DIY installation
    • ②Quick Guide, Online Video, User Manual
    • ③Twist to change
    reverse osmosis alkaline remineralization water filter
    reverse osmosis system alkaline remineralization water filter
    • The purified water from Frizzlife PX500 RO filtration system is perfect for cooking, coffee & tea making, and other daily usage. It can simultaneously serve both your sink and refrigerator by using an ice maker kit. A mini tank is available now to solve pressure correlated issues.
    • ①Refrigerator/Ice maker
    • ②Under sink
    • ③Bathroom



    reverse osmosis
    reverse osmosis
    under sink water filter water filter system reverse osmosis reverse osmosis system
    Replacement Filters/Pack
    • 1. Replace the 1st stage per 6 months: ASR311
    • 2. Replace the 2nd stage per 2 years: ASR312-500G
    • 3. Replace the 3rd stage per 12 months: ASR313-A

    Justas J.

    Compact RO system. Efficient. And adds back minerals for great tasting water.

    ILYA K.

    Got it well packaged - 3 boxes one in other, very safe. The product is nicely designed and engineered. Installation manual is easy to follow. It took about 40 minutes to install on my own. The water taste is fine. Mineralization and PH increased gradually with the few gallons of water - started from 140 TDS and PH6.5 to around 200 TDS and PH7.5. Very quiet when producing water. Highly recommended product!

    Sigfredo Garcia

    Fast delivery, easy installation and quality water output

    Kelly Imundo

    I purchased the frizzlife RO system to help remove contaminants from our drinking water and it didn't disappoint. The water tastes better and during installation customer support was great.

    Rony T.

    I have not tested yet, but it is beautiful


    Wife loves it. She is finally off store bought bottled water thanks to the taste of the Frizzlife RO system. Not sure about difficulty level of installation - plumber did it for us. A bit tricky to figure out the location of where to insert the red tube - we had limited space due to the garbage disposal underneath the sink, but he figured it out.

    Daniel Jamieson

    Installation went well until I attached the water feed tube to the bottom of the faucet. the connection leaked and I had to take it apart and reconnect twice. Finally works well

    Marques M.

    Setup wasn't bad but you will probably need an electrician to install an electrical outlet other than your garbage disposal to operate this system. Loud vibration & noise coming from under the sink when faucet is on.


    We should have done this years ago.Best decisionCompletely happy

    t matabang

    My Brondell under the sink Revese Osmosis' water flow was to slow that's why I replaced it with Frizzlife PX500-A Reverse Osmosis System. I am glad I did and I don't have to buy bottled Alkaline Drinking water anymore because of it deminaralization feature. I will send the photo back of my system soon.


    The resonating noise when in use is very irritating. I can hear it all around the house I doubt if the water flow is what it claims to be. If I can't live with if for few more days then it's going back.

    Suresh Ollala

    Nice looking unit. Hope it works great

    a customer

    It's very effective to filter my tap water. Before filtration, the TDS was about 160 ppm. After filtration, it reduced to 20 - 40 ppm. Immediately after turning on the RO faucet, the TDS was around 40 ppm. After about 1 minutes, however, it was reduced to about 20 ppm. I'm very satisfied with the product. It was easy to install the system. The most difficult part in installing the product was drilling a 1/2-in hole on my quartz countertop.

    Mata ziegler

    I cant use this item and wish to return it its not what i need

    Vladimir Rivas

    Love this RO. The water tastes great and its a space saver under the sink compared to traditional ROs. The good: Installation guide is simple to understand and installation was pretty easy. Water from this RO is clean. I live in SoCal and the TDS in the water hovers around 500. With this product TDS drops to about 25. Does its job. The bad: Can't really think of any. A minor thing would be that there aren't instructions to drilling a hole in the sink counter/granite for the faucet. This isn't anything major since there are plenty guides on youtube to be found. Overall great product. I'm enjoying the new clean water.


    I've only used it for about a week so I don't feel ready to give it 5 stars, but I have already noticed that there is hardly any calcium deposit at the bottom of my electric kettle.

    Karen ODonnell

    The water tastes great and it was easy to install! I am a 65 year old female and was able to install this myself (even drilling through my granite counter top). I am extremely happy with this purchase!

    Dennis G.

    I purchased the PX500-A to replace a tank systems with the idea of saving space, increased production of water, and the remineralization. Initially my wife was upset with 2 items 1> flow rate and 2> noise from motor. Customer support suggested adding the mini tank, which increased the flow rate, solved noise issues by place unit in the basement. Overall impressions: great customer service, high quality product installation was extremely easy everything is well documented. If you order, I would include the mini tank.

    samuel Khalifeh

    Easy to install and the water taste great

    Ching K.

    So far so good. Its a little bit loud but I suppose you get used to it. The water tastes great. Must pair this with the mini tank.


    System is working great. Was very easy to install and I am not a professional plumber. And water tastes great.


    Ease of use and install

    William S.

    Easy installation. Good water quality and taste

    Ra Mu

    Nice quality product, easy to install. But the faucet is slowly dripping water

    Terry L.

    The water really does taste immediately better! With the 'mini-tank' ($25) there is plenty of RO water for refrigerator water and ice as well as RO and 'Insta-Hot faucets! I sent back a Waterdrop 400 after it ran all the time and would not produce enough water (and there are only 2 of us). After calling Waterdrop they admitted their ad was misleading (intentionally omitted the true capabilities) and their system could not handle more than an RO outlet. The Frizzlife is still new but it is quieter and produces far more water! It only runs when producing RO water. I also ordered the PX500-'A' model to add a little mineralization back in for taste as straight RO water is flat tasting.


    This filter is well-constructed and easy to install (as easy as installing anything under the sink can be that is). The directions are a little scant (the video helps but they could have gone into detail a bit more on a few sections). Took about an hour and a half from unboxing to finished, and my water tastes great. I would recommend this filter.

    Just an Amazon Customer

    The unit is exactly as advertised. But being new to this, I had a number of questions. Every question was answered within a day, if not the same day. And the answers were right on. I highly recommend Frizzlife and the PX500-A.


    This Frizzlife reverse osmosis system is fantastic! We purchased it to replace an undersink RO unit that required a tank (installed ~5 years ago) and we are very pleased with all aspects of its performance. The unit takes up about the same amount of space as the filters for the other unit did so there is much more room under the sink. It does require a 120V outlet to run the pump but most sinks have such outlets to power disposals. Just make sure that you have an outlet that provides power without being on switch. Water quality is as good as we've experienced and the unit came with a TDS (total dissolved solids) measuring tool to check output. I tested the old unit before installing this Frizzlife and there is substantial improvement. It has been in place for ~4 months now and the water quality remains high. The household really likes the on-demand aspect. With summer here we drink a lot of water and with this unit we don't have the limitation of tank volume; we can fill pitchers without running out of water.Quiet operation, higher volume of water, filters that look very easy to replace (front of unit) and more space under the sink. If clean, good-tasting water is a priority for your household, buy this now.


    Easy to install. Took about an hour to get oriented with all the material - review the YouTube video a couple of times. And was done in a short time! Love the taste and the fact that the unit can stand on its own - did not want to drill holes into the cabinet. Lucky I had pre drilled hole for the filtered water spout. But there are steel stills at big box stores - those would be easy enough.

    Juan Sanchez

    Works Great and affordable

    Amazon Customer

    Unfortunately 1.7 is not quite enough to kick in my endless hot water heater so I will use this filter when I fill my fresh water tank rather than on the city water connection


    Our water showed 485 PPM on the TDS meter after getting a pump fixed and we immediately searched for a water filter. We needed one that that was tankless to save space and one that did not waste water in the purification process. Frizzlife met the criteria and we are very happy with it. The TDS meter now shows 18-25 ppm and the water tastes clean, mineralized and perfect for drinking.The water flow rate is no slower than through the fridge but it could be better. We look forward to hearing from Frizzlife on how to improve water flow rate a bit more. Overall, excellent product and the best home improvement project we have done.

    Lucas Antigua

    Fácil de instalar y el agua tiene buen sabor

    Sierra Miguel

    Second unit and both leaked internally. Installed by licensed plumber both times so I am out a considerable amount of money. Also very loud. I would not recommend.

    J White

    Wish it had better instructions. 15min easy installation took 4hrs lol

    June Kim

    Usually directions are very vague, these instructions were excellent.

    Caribbean shower

    Pros: Water taste is good. It was pretty easy to install Cons: The filteration noise is louder than expected Found the initial drop in water pressure once turned on to be an annoyance


    I have tried different Amazon products and had not had such formidable results as with this one, the truth is very good and the customer service is exceptional⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Sankar Periyasamy

    I hate buying bottled water because it piles mountain of plastics in my home itself. I am very concerned about environment so I usually carry 5 gallon reusable cans and refill them at stores but I am tired of carrying 5 gallon water every time as I live in 3rd floor. I started getting knee pain after an injury. Hence I was thinking for an alternate solution and I found this RO filter. I was thinking the installation needs some expertise but I did it myself at last and found it very easy. Water wastage is minimal and I use my 5 gallon cans to store them and using them for my plants. Water tastes similar to what I was buying in store. As we get a lot now we are using it for cooking as well. I didn't do much research before buying but I never going to regret it for sure. I am thinking of buying extra filters as we may need them in future. I am happy that it stopped me from frequent visits to the store during this pandemic. I will wait for few more days and will upload a working video or pictures later.

    Vanessa L.

    Quality product that is easy to install. Water tastes great. Highly recommend!

    Bobbi M.

    Easy to install and water tastes amazing. Would highly recommend.

    Kinzz Patel

    I have been looking for a water filtration system that can take very little space and keeps water clean for drinks and food. This is a small water filter system with Reverse Osmosis without using any tank. It is really small in comparison to the traditional RO water system. This system comes with all the pipes and charging cable and other things that require for the installation of the system. it also comes with a TDS meter that can use to verify the water purifier level. It is very easy to install and it comes with all the detailed information to install it. This is a new generation of the RO system that first eliminates all the bad germs and particles that do not need for the human. In this process, some of them require minerals also remove from the water. This water system has a mineral membrane that adds the mineral that helps the human body. The good thing about this system that changing the cartridge is really easy to replace by twisting it and pulling outside in comparison to the traditional RO system. It has a nice faucet design that comes with the pack. Overall, this is really easy to install and also easy to do maintenance. I would definitely recommend it to others who do not like to spend more time on installation. The flavor of the water is really nice.

    Leah Craviotto

    I had a few question prior to ordering the PX500-A. The customer service with Frizzlife is top notch. They went above and beyond what was asked and were extremely responsive. The system was fairly easy to install and I am extremely pleased with the water quality. The water tastes smooth and clean. We also installed on the refrigerator water dispenser and the flow of the water was slightly slower than the original flow but not bad at all. I would highly recommend this system.

    Srikanth Reddy Musku

    I like that it does not take too much space under the sink, easy to install, works great!


    I am glad we have this kind of water filtration system, thank you much Frizzlife. It’s a relief for me for buying water in stores, lifting 6 of 5gals.of Alkaline pure water every 4days to consume. My parents are both happy and enjoying now drinking pure water again thank you very much. I had a question and called the company, and they were great and answered all my questions and were very helpful. I will highly recommend this product.

    Richard C.

    I have been looking for RO system for my house and found this one. One thing I love most about it is remineralization. As the system is alkaline RO, the out TDS value is higher than general RO water and the restored minerals will level up the TDS value. Water really tastes good as that we buy in the market. This is a tankless system and does not occupy much space. Comes with clear instruction and easy to install.

    Phreakwar PC Custom Builds

    OK, I initially had problems with the tubing and fittings on the RO unit, causing the discharge line to the faucet to leak profusely. Upon closer examination, the rubber O-ring had become twisted inside the fitting, causing it to not lock. These O-rings are supposed to sit firmly against the seat in the unit whereupon they create a seal when the plastic claw-like fitting locks them in place against the O-ring. I went on YouTube and discovered a great tutorial (by Mike Collins, I think) on these push fittings. I've done plenty of plumbing jobs in my lifetime, but this is the first time I've had to deal with this type of fitting, but the video explained everything perfectly. His 'trick' to create a leakproof joint was to apply a light coating of Petroleum Jelly (a longtime plumber's aid) to the end of the tubing. Anyhow, I'm now a happy customer and my machine is sitting under the sink, barely taking up much space at all. And the water tastes great, btw.


    First of all, thank you Frizzlife for including a semi tutorial video of your product in the Amazon images. Very helpful. The manual in addition to the video really made installing this so much easier. Electronics and nerd stuff, I'm a wiz... plumbing of any sort... not so much. When you unbox this and lay everything out, it can look a little daunting, if you are totally not a plumber as in my case, it might even look horrifying. But honestly, once you just dig in and go for it, take your time, follow the steps, it's really not too bad at all to install for a novice. I grade myself a C+. It is working, nothing is leaking, let it flow for a while, then gave the water a taste. Excellent. Living in the great lakes region the city water in our area can sometimes taste a bit "fishy" for lack of a better pun. We frequently buy bottled water because of it. This unit has really really helped that issue. I guess the real test is going to be long term. Not only in how long the filters last, but cost in replacing them annually. I'm going to slap down a 5 star on this for now. I'll try to make a note to remember to re-examine this review maybe 6 to 9 months from now to see how well it holds up. So far though, pretty impressive.

    Don Zapata

    VERY HAPPY WITH THIS TANKLESS REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMI normally only drink distilled water but making the distilled water is becoming more work than its worth is why I purchased this reverse osmosis system. I was worried that I would not like the taste of this reverse osmosis water. I really like the taste of this water. It took zero time getting used to the taste because its very similar to how my distilled water taste. The system overall is very high quality. No leaks after installing the system and it was very simple to install. The TDS is between 18 - 37 PPM. Since this water filtration system goes through the 3rd alkaline stage of the system which restores essential minerals, adjusts the pH level and further makes the water taste very good the TDS level is telling us how many TDS minerals are being put out in that 3rd stage filter. The pH is 8.0. I used water pH Reagent liquid for testing pH level. I highly recommend this water filtration system especially if your extremely picky about your water taste and quality.

    Binod Kumar

    Just the installed and finished flushing the water out part of the install. Saying bye to my old Frizzlife countertop RO system and hello to this. I am not the handiest of people so with myself and plumbers buddy (who did 99% of the work) it took about an hour. So far taste great with no complaints.

    Beverly Duran

    This is very easy to install with no tank. So no multiple complex connectivity. It’s lightweight and Water taste is so good.

    Q: Does it come with a set of filters inside? Can the system be hooked up to refrigerator?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system.  Yes, the integrated system package comes with two filter catridges loaded. 
    Q: Does it come with a faucet or do i need to buy an extra one?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system. There is a RO faucet included in the package which is stainless steel faucet with brushed nickel finish. Frizzlife also provides a matte black finish choice. Please search #ASIN for the detailed information or to purchase.
    Q: Can the system be hooked up to refrigerator?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system. Yes, the unit can be hooked up to your refrigerator/ice-maker by using Frizzlife IMC-1 kit. Please kindly note, if the distance between the filter and the appliance exceeded 15 ft, you might need a mini tank to boost up the water pressure. Search "Frizzlife Mini tank" to purchase the mini tank.
    Q: Does the system need the eletricity to run?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system. Yes, please make sure you use universal power outlet to plug in the system, instead of using the typical outlet for garbage disposal.


    Q: What is the thread length of the faucet? Do you provide extended stem for the faucet if it is not long enough for my granite?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system.  The thread of the faucet is 1.5 inch (3.8cm). If your granite is thicker than that, please simply send us your full shipping address for delivery of longer stem through our website, email or Amazon message centre. 

    Q: What is the difference of this unit from the APEC ones? It is more expensive and what are the main advantages?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system. The unit is innovative tankless RO system which has several key features that outperform the conventional tank systems:
    - High capacity- ensures tankless design, fast water flow, and instant fresh water.
    - No tank - integrated unit, no secondary storage pollution, easy to DIY install, less leakage, occupy less places.  
    - Low drain ratio - less waste water, save water bill in long term
    - Easy to change - twist in design. No more plumber required.
    Q: What is the pure:drain ratio? Is there a way for zero waste water plan?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system.  The pure drain ratio of the PX500-A is at 1.5:1. By producing 1 cup of pure water, only 2/3 cup of water would be wasted. It can save up to 450% water when compared to universal traditional RO system.  

    Q:What is the pH level of the output water? Does it include an alkaline filter?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system.  The 3rd stage of the RO system is the alkaline and remineralized post filter. It could adjust the pH level by adding back beneficial minerals, and further polish the RO water taste. The final pH level would be slightly alkaline around 7.5-8.5.

    Q:What is the pH level of the output water? Does it include an alkaline filter?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system.  The 3rd stage of the RO system is the alkaline and remineralized post filter. It could adjust the pH level by adding back beneficial minerals, and further polish the RO water taste. The final pH level would be slightly alkaline around 7.5-8.5.

    Q:Where can i find the replacment filters?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system.  Please search ASR311 for the 1st stage of PX500-A, search ASR212 for the 2nd stage of PX500-A, search ASR313-A for the 3rd stage of PX500-A. 

    Q:Does the filter remineralize water after purification?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system.  The 3rd stage of the RO system is the alkaline and remineralized post filter. It could adjust the pH level by adding back beneficial minerals, and further polish the RO water taste. The final pH level would be slightly alkaline around 7.5-8.5.


    Q:Can it be used with hard water?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system.  Yes, with 0.0001 micron filtration accuracy, the system could remove over 94% of TDS from water, including the hardness. However, the large particles in hard water may block the system very easily. To prolong the service life of the filters, we would highly recommend you to install a pre-filter or water softener before the RO system. Or you are suggested to change the 1st stage of the system more frequently.


    Q:What if there is a power cut risk when the storm comes? Any tips to protect the system from the power cut damage?
    A:  Thanks for your inquiry. The maintenance of the reverse osmosis system is quite similar to general appliances. Simply unplug/cut off the power supply when storm comes and replug it afterwards. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Q:Does the system remove fluoride?
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system. Yes, by adopting RO membrane at 0.0001 micron filtration precision, the system is able to remove more than 99.99% of the harmful contaminants from your tap water, including fluroide.


    Q:How often do i need to change the filters? 
    A: Thank you for your interest in Frizzlife PX500-A Tankless Reverse Osmosis system. The first stage and the 3rd stage are recommend to change per 6 months, the second stage is recommended to change every two years. Please kindly note that the actual filter life highly depends on your tap water quality and water use frequency.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

    Model No.PX500-AFilter Cartridge InsideASR311; ASR312-500G; ASR313
    Product Dimensions14 x 5 x 18 inchesItem Weight27.6 lb
    Operating TemperatureMin.39ºF,Max 100ºFOperating Pressure20psi Max. 80psi
    Daily Production Rate500 gallonsFlow Rate0.34 gallons/m
    @25 C(77 F)


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