Frizzlife T900 Countertop Water Filtration System, Instant Hot Water Filter Dispenser, 4 Temperatures,, Zero Installation, 1 Filter Included

Frizzlife T900 Countertop Water Filtration System, Instant Hot Water Filter Dispenser, 4 Temperatures,, Zero Installation, 1 Filter Included


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  • Premium Filtration & Adjustable Filtration Speed: Consisting of multi-layer filtration materials, such as Japan-made Activated Carbon (ACF), top class Ion-Exchange Resin, Micro Nets etc, T900 is tested to effectively reduces CHLORINE, FLUORIDE, LEAD, HEAVY METALS, BAD TASTE & ODOR, Sediment and other harmful contaminants from tap water, while retaining beneficial minerals. Water filtration speed can be adjusted by turning the dial on the cartridge bottom.
  • Quick Heating in 3 secs: Need a quick sip of hot tea or coffee? You can always start to collect heated filtered water in 3 seconds from T900! No more waiting for 5-8 minutes to get hot water from an electric boiler. T900 is capable of instantly heating up the individual serving of water volume, no repeating heating keeps water fresh! Actually T900 combines the function of pitcher and water boiler in one compact unit! It’s time to say goodbye to your traditional kettle.
  • Adjustable Temperatures & Volumes: Features with 4 temperature modes (Room temp, 110℉Warm, 170℉Hot, Boiling) to serve different water needs, including but not limited to hot tea, coffee, baby formula, etc. Different water temperatures allow you to brew a variety of drinks that deliver best tastes. Dispensing volume is also selectable. Touch the dispense button to collect 10oz water and press hold the button for 3 secs for 18oz water.
  • 100% Safety: T900 passes UL test and features with a child safety lock. You need to unlock the child lock firstly to collect heated water, and it will auto-lock after finishing dispensing, thus protect your kids from any burning or scalding risks. Besides, T900 adopts anti-dry burning protection, there will be several drops of water flowing out after touching for stop dispensing heated water, which is designed to protect the system and is normal.
  • Compact & Easy Set Up: Thanks to its compact and space-saving design, T900 water filtration can be placed and moved to anywhere in need with power supply available, like office, bedroom, kitchen, rv and more. The fully-assembled water dispenser system does not require any installation, but only super easy set up.
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countertop water filter
Get instant access to warm/hot filtered water
  • Effectively reduce chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, bad taste & odor from feed water
  • Beneficial minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium are still retained in the water after filtration.
Instant Heating & No repeat Heating
  • Unlike most traditional water boilers or electric kettles requiring to wait for 5-8 minutes for boiling up, heated water of T900 is always ready to be collected in 3 seconds with a touch for dispensing!
  • Instead of heating the entire pot of water, T900 heats up individual serving of water volume each time with single-touch operation. There is no repeat heating, thus keep your drinking water always clean and fresh.
countertop water filter water filter system water filtration system
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4 Temperature Settings
  • T900 have 4 temperature modes available: Room temp, 110℉Warm, 170℉Hot, Boiling.
  • Different water temperatures allows you to customize your unique drinking experience. Touch the button with the desired temperature to make drinks with the best tastes.
2 Dispensing Volume Settings
  • There are two dispensing volume available to suit different cup size.
  • Touch the dispense button to collect small cup 10 oz water and press hold the button for 3 secs for large cup 18 oz water. 
countertop drinking water filtration
zero installation certified water filter
Adjustable Filtration Speed
  • Turn the dial from “+” to “-” to slower the filtration rate so that the water is filtered more thoroughly and vice versa. Remove the caps of restrictor completely for the fastest filtration.
  • Each filter is recommended to be replaced every 60 days. Search “Frizzlife FPT01” for replacement cartridge.
Child Lock & 100% Safety
  • With a built-in child lock, you need to press to unlock every time before dispensing warm / hot water. After finishing the dispensing, the system will automatically go back to lock status, which prevents any potential burning risks.
  • Besides, the system also has anti-dry burning protection, several drops of water will flow out after stop dispensing heated water, which can protect and prolong the service life of water system.
instant heating water dispenser filter system
hot water dispenser filter
Large Capacity & Removable Tank
  • large capacity Large Capacity & Removable Tank The water tank is made of BPA-free food grade material and has a maximum capacity of 3.5L. The large capacity can ideally meet your daily water needs.
  • The tank is removable, thus is convenient for filling water and routine cleaning.
Compact Design For Multiple Usage
  • T900 drink water system adopts compact and modern design. The little footprint ensures it can be moved to anywhere in water need with electric supply available. No installation required.
    • Living Room
    • Bedroom
    • Office
    • RV
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Q: How does the T900 water filter affect TDS/PPM in water? 

A: TDS is not a professional way to test the water quality, TDS means total dissolved solids. For example, if you put very little salt(NaCl) into the water and test the TDS, you will find the result is dramatically high. The same thing, if your water is full of minerals, the TDS is very high too.

The T900 doesn’t remove any of the minerals from water, it only stops heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, and over 70-80 VOCs, and it removes greatly the chlorine from water. Therefore, it is the reason why the TDS you get is not that lower as you expect.

TDS meter testing method is widely used in reverse osmosis systems since the RO filter system also removes minerals from water. If a RO membrane doesn’t have a good performance, the TDS will be relatively high. And if TDS is getting much higher, means it’s time to change the RO membrane.

So please do not use TDS to test any water except Reverse Osmosis System, because the result is meaningless.


Q: How often should the filter cartridges of T900 be replaced?

A: About the service life of the filter cartridge for T900, we would like to recommend you to change filter cartridge every 60 days. Please notice the service life depends on your water quality and daily usage. All the specification data of the flow capacity that is listed on the sticker is based on actual tests from the laboratory and its provided water.


Q: Why water filter can not be used on well water?

A: This filter should be used in conjunction with municipally treated drinking water or water that has been properly disinfected before use. The water filter cartridge is manufactured with 0.5micron carbon (top rate) that will get easily clogged up by any type of dirt or settlement from a well.


Q: How can I adjust the filtration speed?

A: You can adjust the filtration speed by switching the dial on the filter cartridge bottom. The filtration speed is fastest when you remove two caps from the cartridge bottom. Please find “ filtration speed adjustment” section in the user's manual for more details. 


Q; How can I select dispense volume? 

A: Touch the dispense button to collect 10oz water. Press Hold the button for 3 seconds to collect 18oz water.


Q: How can I stop dispensing water? 

A: You can touch ANY button on the interface to stop dispensing. 


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

Model No.T900Filter Cartridge InsideFPT01
Product Dimensions5.9 x 7.9 x 11 inchesItem Weight5.29 lb
Ambient Temperature39ºF - 104ºFRated Voltage110V
Frenquency 50HzHeating Power1500W
Maximum Capacity3.5L  

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