4 Signs Your Water May Be Dangerous

4 Signs Your Water May Be Dangerous

Robin Collins |

Safe water usually is clear, odorless and has fresh taste. According to Business Insider (2019), there are some clues from which you can check whether your drinking water is safe or not. 

1. Cloudiness
Cloudiness or turbidity of water is a good indicator to tell whether your tap water is safe to drink.

2. Color
Yellow or brown water is never a good sign, which signals that there is considerable amount of chromium, iron and other harmful chemicals in your water. Also, your pipes or utility may be rusted and need to be cleared or replaced.

Blue or green water is dangerous as well, which is a sign of too much copper in the water. It is usually caused by corroded pipes.

3. Smell
As mentioned before, safe water should be odorless. If you water smells like bleach, there are elevated levels of chlorine remaining in your water. Chlorine is added into water acting as disinfecting agent, however, its byproduct will harm your health.

If your water smells like rotten egg, it means that hydrogen sulfide presents in your water. What’s more, fishy smell indicates the presence of cadmium.

4. Taste
Metallic taste suggests that there are excess iron, copper or other heavy metals in the water. Rusty pipes or utilities will also contribute to such a metallic taste.