Boiling Cannot Remove Fluoride From Your Water

Boiling Cannot Remove Fluoride From Your Water

Robin Collins |

As one of common ways of disinfecting water, boiling is believed to be capable of reducing most contaminants from water, including fluoride. However, according to ThoughCo. (2019), boiling cannot remove fluoride, but will concentrate fluoride in your water.  

Boiling will not remove fluoride from the water, but Reverse Osmosis will! 

Reverse osmosis membrane will leave fluoride on the one side of membrane and keep ultra-pure healthy water on the other side. For more details about understanding reverse osmosis please click here

Frizzlife countertop reverse osmosis filter system does a great job in reducing fluoride from you water. USA-made 0.0001 micron RO membrane will block fluoride and keep your whole family away from the potential thread of fluoride.