Live Better and Save More: A Guide To a Healthier Lifestyle

Live Better and Save More: A Guide To a Healthier Lifestyle

Eva W |

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a happy, healthy lifestyle without worrying that they can't afford it. Whether you decide to hire a personal trainer to get fit or plant your own garden to eat a healthier diet, you can find ways to make these changes without emptying your bank account. Consider this brief guide from Frizzlife to help you start your new, health-conscious life.

What Are the Benefits of Living Clean?


As you navigate this guide, think about the benefits of working on your mental and physical health. Your health insurance premiums may decrease. You could save money on food by eating in more often. You can get healthier and save on gas by riding your bike rather than driving. Assess each change you consider and ask yourself how it could save money and better your life.

How Can Doctors Help?

Doctors are healthcare professionals. Their literal job is to help you set and meet health goals. Unfortunately, their services are often costly, especially if you have inadequate health insurance coverage or no coverage at all. Fortunately, you can now talk to doctors online using telehealth appointments. The cost is significantly lower than in-person appointments, and telehealth doctors can send prescriptions directly to your pharmacist without seeing you in person.


You may even save on your prescriptions with a discount program. Talk to the pharmacy about any discounts or coupons available for your medications and talk to your doctor about prescribing generics, which are usually cheaper.

What Products Can Help You Save?


Think about investing in products that could save you money in the long run. For example, you could use a box garden on the patio to grow your own herbs and vegetables rather than buying them at the supermarket regularly. There are varying styles and sizes available to meet your needs, and most have different watering capabilities. You could also purchase a bread making machine for the kitchen so you can make your own organic bread for the price of flour rather than paying the high price at the grocery store.


The water you drink is incredibly important to your overall health, so make sure you have a great water filtration system. Frizzlife’s systems offer reverse osmosis, which balances alkalinity and restores minerals to the water you drink. And the system comes in a variety of forms, from under sink to handheld.


You could also strategically invest in a few items that you know will get - and keep - you active. Look for online product reviews of hiking backpacks to get your time away in nature, or a jogging stroller if you have little ones in tow. Or even an exercise bike can be a great investment. Think about what you will use, and add it to your gear.

What Wellness Benefits Does Your Employee Offer?


Talk to your employer about any wellness benefits or health incentives the company may offer. Your human resources representative should have a complete list. For example, the company may provide you with access to a discounted gym membership or free yoga classes. Take advantage of anything that allows you to get premium services for a discount.


If you run your own business, see if it’s feasible to get some perks for your employees. You’ll benefit, too! Some gyms even have drawings for free memberships. You’ll need to use an online custom logo maker to create a great logo that is memorable and reflects your company. Then, use it to create business cards to leave at health-based businesses around town. Not only will you get great exposure from your newly designed logo, but you may score some free health perks, too!

What Are You Doing for Your Mental Health?


Research shows that if everyone regarded mental health with the same sincerity as medical health, the stigma would disappear and everyone would live a healthier life in general. Assess your mental state every morning and ask yourself what you could do to be happier. It could be to take a day off work or talk to your therapist. Just keep it forefront in your mind.


This guide was designed to make you feel hopeful about the future of your health journey. Remember, the process is not supposed to produce results right away. An important part of any health journey is to show patience and consistency. When it gets hard, give yourself a break and drink a great glass of Frizzlife water. It's not about pushing yourself too far or spending too much. It's about reaching your potential at your pace.