PFAS Is Far More Prevalent In Tap Water Than Reported

PFAS contamination has been dramastically underestimated 

PFAS, a kind of toxic fluorinated chemical, which is known as "Forever Chemical", since it cannot break down but will build up once it is released. Due to the absense of federal standards, PFAS in tap water is far more prevalent than previously reported (EWG, 2020).

According to the newest laboratory test by EWG, 30 out of 31 sample states have detectable PFAS and only two locations does not reach risk level. 


Harmful effect of "Forever Chemical"

Since PFAS will continuously build up in human blood, long-term exposure to PFAS will be likely to increase the risk of cancer, damage the effeciveness of vaccines. Although some states have proposed the limits or guidelines to control PFAS, an effective nationalwide legal stanard is still absent.