Potential Risks of Drinking Distilled Water

Potential Risks of Drinking Distilled Water

Robin Collins |

What is distilled water?

Distilled water is produced by the steam of boiling water. It has already had impurities including minerals, nutrients and contaminants removed from the water. 

Potential risks of distilled water

1. Failure to supplement minerals lost through sweat.

People will lose minerals like sodium when body is sweating. To ensure proper functioning of body, these minerals must be replenished in time. If distilled water is the only drinking option, it will contribute to the risk of lack of minerals.

2. Environmental Unfriendly

Distilled water is not an environmentally friendly option. Because distillation process will leave behind hard water, which may damage the ecosystem.

3. Changing PH balance of blood

In some extreme cases, if people only consume distilled water for an excessive amount, it will result in decrease in PH of blood. The side effects include fatigue, muscle cramps, headache, impaired heart rate and even more severe health consequences.