Should RO Water Filter work for Living in an Apartment

Should RO Water Filter work for Living in an Apartment

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If you want to increase the quality of your drinking water, reverse osmosis filters are the finest option. It has provided excellent results for homes, offices, and restaurants. But what about people who live in apartments? Can they also take full advantage of this advanced filtration system?

In this Frizzlife blog, we are going to discuss in detail whether a reverse osmosis filter can be good for living apartments or not.

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Should RO Water Filter Work For Living in Apartment?

Yes, a reverse osmosis water filter can work best for an apartment. There are a number of reasons why an RO filtration system can be a good option for apartments. Some of those reasons are discussed below:

1. Health Benefits:

A RO filter provides greater variety of health benefits as compared to any other home water purification system. In comparison to other water filtration systems, which remove only specific contaminants from the given water, an RO system gets rid of even the tiniest contaminants and chemicals from the unfiltered water, so you can feel comfortable drinking it.

2. Make Water Quality Better:

Another benefit of having an RO system in an apartment is to make water taste or quality better. The filtered water becomes pure or clean and free from contaminants and chemicals after going through the reverse osmosis system, which makes it taste better than before.

3. Compact and space-saving design:

Here is another reason that makes RO filters the best option for living in apartments. Reverse osmosis filters are available in a compact design, which means you can easily fit them into your apartment.

4. Cost-effective:

There is no doubt that, the initial cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining an RO filtration will be higher. But believe us, it will still be cost-effective over time. Let us explain how.

By using an RO filter in the apartment, you can greatly save the expenses spent on purchasing bottled filtered water. Moreover, you can also save the money spent on purchasing a less durable filtration system that does not last more than a year. While reverse osmosis can last for several years. This is the reason why, it is considered a cost-effective option.

After going through all these reasons, we think you will have a pretty good idea why we have claimed that RO filter is good for living apartments.

Things to Consider Before Opting for an RO Filter System

If you have made up your mind to install an RO filter for your apartment, then it would be good to consider some of the essential things.

Keep in mind that reverse osmosis water filters require daily maintenance for better water quality. Furthermore, you also need to think about the pressure of water in your apartment because reverse osmosis water filters can be very sensitive to low water pressure.

Apart from these, there are multiple other things as well that you need to consider before purchasing an RO for an apartment.

1. Regular Maintenance:

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that reverse osmosis water filters require daily maintenance and filter replacements. If you live in an apartment, then it is too difficult for you to do the maintenance on your own since you lack the equipment. It's also important to consider the cost of replacement water filters, which can increase over time.

2. Check Water Pressure:

Water pressure is another important consideration before purchasing a reverse osmosis for your apartment. Because, reverse osmosis water filters can be too sensitive to low pressure, which can harm RO performance.

If the water pressure in your apartment is low, you might need to install a booster pump in your apartment to make sure that your reverse osmosis filter works properly.

3. Water usage:

This is another essential thing that you must take into account. Reverse osmosis filters produce a lot of waste water during the filtration process. For every gallon of filtered water produced, the RO filter can produce up to 4 gallons of wastewater. This will definitely have a huge impact on your water bills.

4. Space requirements:

You also need to consider the amount of space available in your living apartment for comfortable installation and maintenance of the reverse osmosis filter.

Note: Usually, RO filters are installed under the sink or at a point that is too close to the water supply.

5. Installation:

This is another important thing to consider. Installation of a RO can be an effortless process for those who are familiar with the basics of plumbing fixtures. However, if you are not familiar with it, then you will take some external help like hiring a professional.

Obviously, when you hire a professional for installation, it will cost you more. And remember, the installation process of RO filters may vary depending on the type of brand.

This is why it is essential for you to determine whether you have the ability to install it by yourself or if you will need some help.

6. Brand and warranty:

This is something that is not too necessary but would be good if you consider it for maximum mental satisfaction. You will find a lot of popular yet new brands selling different models of RO filters, but not all of them are durable and reliable.

So, it is essential for you to perform thorough research, so that you can end up making a good purchase. You can take suggestions from persons who are already using an RO filter; if not, then you can read reviews about a specific filter to get a better idea about reliability and durability.

Warranty can also be beneficial; it gives you mental satisfaction that your money is completely safe in case something wrong happens with the filter.

So, these are some of the things that you need to consider if you are planning to purchase an RO filter for a living apartment.


Reverse osmosis (RO) filter has become a top-notch choice for home, restaurants, and offices. All because of its ability to efficiently remove a wide variety of contaminants. But did you know? it can also be a good option for living apartments because of its compact and space-saving design. In this blog, I have explained different reasons why RO filters can be good for living apartments.