Sip with Confidence - Benefits of a Water Filter Pitcher

Sip with Confidence - Benefits of a Water Filter Pitcher

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Our top most priority is to drink clean and safe water…right? But headlines about the presence of toxic contaminants and impurities tell us our water supply lines have failed to fulfill the topmost priority.

According to research done by CR & Guardian, they have found contaminants like lead, PFAS, arsenic, and others in the water samples from the supply lines that are serving around 19 million US citizens.

We think the statement above will be more than enough to convince you that the water you are consuming is not safe. So, what’s the solution? How can you drink water with maximum confidence?

The solution is to start filtering your water with the help of a water filter pitcher. Water filter pitchers are a type of filtration system that efficiently removes hazardous contaminants such as lead from the water, making it completely safe and clean.

Using these filters not only helps you drink and consume water without any fear of contamination, but can also provide you with a number of benefits. This Frizzlife blog will cover those benefits in detail.

Water Filter Pitcher – What Exactly is it?

It is a filtration system that is designed in the shape of a jug or pitcher. Generally, it consists of a filter cartridge that contribute in eliminating toxic impurities and contaminants.

A water filter pitcher works when pouring water into its pitcher. As the poured water passes through the filter, it becomes completely safe and clean, ready to be used for any kind of purposes, such as cooking, drinking, washing, etc.

Now, let’s get familiar with the benefits of these special types of water filtration systems.

Useful Benefits of Water Filter Pitcher

There are numerous benefits of water pitcher filters; some of the major and useful ones are discussed below.

1. Increases tap water quality

A water filter pitcher can increase the water quality of your tap water in multiple ways that are.

· By removing contaminants and impurities:

This is obvious: water that comes into our homes from pipelines is often loaded with hazardous contaminants. The contaminants are bacteria, viruses, sediment, heavy metals, etc. Continued exposure to these can pose serious health threats to human health.

But thankfully, water filter pitchers are specially designed to efficiently a wide variety of contaminants, making water totally safe to drink. Obviously, when you drink high-quality, it will definitely contribute to increasing overall health and well-being.

· Elimination of chlorine & Metals:

The most common impurities found in tap water all around the United States are chlorine and some certain heavy metals. Chlorine is added as a disinfectant by the US water suppliers to treat the tap water. However, over-chlorination may result in multiple health issues.

On the other hand,  metals like lead or mercury can get their way into tap water through pipeline corrosion or rust. By utilizing a water filter pitcher, you can efficiently treat water to remove both chlorine and hazardous metals.

· Better taste and odor:

Impurities and contaminants present in normal water greatly damage both its taste and smell. This makes it quite unpleasant for most people, especially kids.

A water filter pitcher effectively removes impurities and minerals that affect the taste and smell of the tap water.

2. Maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness

Apart from improving the overall quality of your tap water, a water filter pitcher also provides maximum convenience. This is so because this filtration system is:

· Simple to use & maintain:

Water filter pitchers are designed to be highly user-friendly. This means that you don’t have a strong technical background in order to operate and use them. In order to use them, you just have to simply fill the pitcher with tap water and the rest will be handled by the built-in filter.

Apart from being easy to use, it is also simple to maintain. A water filter pitcher maintenance usually involves periodic filter replacement, which is a straightforward process.

· Cost-effective option:

If your home’s water is contaminated, and you are dependent on purchasing bottled, then we can understand it how burden your pocket is feeling.

However, you can easily save your money by investing in a water filter pitcher. It will only cost you once but will provide you with consistent filtered water on demand.

So, the maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness of a water filter pitcher make it a sustainable option for drinking safe and clean water.

3. Environmental friendly

Obviously, when you start utilizing filter pitchers instead of bottled water, you will be playing your part in reducing plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is one of the most dangerous threats that our world is facing right now.

4. Provides you maximum peace of mind:

The heading says it all…right? Water that is purified with a water filter pitcher will provide you with maximum peace of mind that the water you are drinking is completely safe and clean.

So, these are some of the most of useful benefits of a water filter pitcher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the working mechanism of the water filter pitcher?

A water filter pitcher is usually loaded with a filter cartridge that efficiently filters impurities and contaminants from the water that passes through it. This results in crystal-like, clear, and better-tasting water.

What kind of contaminants does a water filter pitcher remove?

It can remove a number of impurities such as chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, and many more. All these are commonly found in tap water all around the world.

Are there any downsides to a water filter pitcher?

The only disadvantage of a water pitcher filter is that these filters have a limited filtering capacity as compared to other systems on the market. So, if you have large water usage requirements, then this may not be a good option to go with.

Wrapping up

Water that comes out of the pipelines is usually contaminated with a number of toxic impurities and contaminants. So, if you are not sure about its quality, then you can consider filtering it with the help of a water filter pitcher. In this article, we have explained some of the useful benefits of water filter pitchers.