Top 5 Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Top 5 Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Robin Collins |

Nowadays people love alkaline water for its ultra-hydrating, pH-balancing abilities. But before you start sipping the alkaline water, do you know how the alkaline H2O benefits your health?

1. Helps with Acid Reflux

Natural alkaline water can be effective against acid reflux because the condition stems from an enzyme known as pepsin. This protein molecule is the precursor to acid reflux and survives in a highly acidic system. Consuming alkaline water can help balance out the high levels of acid, making it harder for pepsin to survive.


2.Helps Work-out Performance

Drinking alkaline bottled water will have a positive effect on the pH levels of urine. This helps the body use lactic acid more efficiently. Lactic acid can be a nourishment for your muscles. Therefore, drinking alkaline bottled water during your gym session can potentially will help with the soreness that stems from a high-intensity workout.


3.Fights Metal Toxicity

Alkaline water helps draw away heavy metals from the tissues by guiding them to the liver. Inside the liver, the metals get filtered and removed from our body through our urine.



4.Helps You Naturally Lose Weight

As metals fill the system, they begin to hoard fat cells. When this happens, it creates a barrier, harboring more acid. In the end, these metals foster an environment where inflammations thrive andthese inflammations can result in gut fat.

5.Beneficial for Heart Health

Alkaline water helped clear out plaque buildups, potentially aiding in blood properly pumping to and from the heart optimally. In addition, balancing out the pH levels in the gut reduces inflammations that contribute to diabetes, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease