What Are Symptoms of Dehydration & How to Deal With It

What Are Symptoms of Dehydration & How to Deal With It

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Dehydration has become a common health issue all around the world, especially in the US. It mainly occurs when the amount of fluids that the body loses increases than the overall intake. Now, the question is why this happens. There can be a number of reasons of this. This can include not drinking enough amounts of water, excessive sweating, etc.

However, remember this dehydration can range from mild to severe and can a have huge impact your overall health. That is why it is essential for everyone to be aware of the signs of dehydration and also the ways to deal with it.

In this Frizzlife blog, we will be discussing some of everything about dehydration, from its causes to its symptoms. Not just this, we will also let you know different ways that you can adopt to get rid of these serious health issues. So, without getting into any further details, let’s get started with common causes first.

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Common Causes of Dehydration

There are several causes of dehydration, however in this point, we will take a look at the common ones.

Fewer intakes of fluids: Not getting enough fluids is the most commonly known cause of dehydration. Water is rich in fluids and considered good option for managing the fluid needs of the human body. So, when you do not provide the required amount of water, it will result in dehydration. There can be multiple reasons why the water demands of the body are fulfilled. One of the common ones is the lack of access to quality water.

Vomiting or diarrhea: Another reason for dehydration is excessive vomiting and or diarrhea. Both these medical issues result in rapid loss of fluid. And this becomes worsen if these conditions last for a prolonged period of time.

Uncontrolled sweating: When the human body sweats a lot, it can also cause dehydration. This is because excessive sweat results in a loss of fluids. There can be numerous reasons why the body sweats a lot, such as hard physical exercise, etc.

Specific medications: Finally, the use of specific medications can also result in dehydration. The term medications here refers to the usage of things like laxatives that can lead to increased urination and bowel movements. This then results in rapid loss of fluids.

These are some common causes that can lead to dehydration. Now, let’s take a detailed at the symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Dehydration

Remember, adults are more likely to get affected by the dehydration issue. This is because they usually work in harsh environments and do hard physical exercises. Below are some of the common signs that will let you know that you are affected by dehydration.

Increased thirst and dry mouth:

One major sign of dehydration is increased thirst and dry mouth. The increased thirst is an indication from the body that it needs more fluids to stay hydrated. And thirst is usually accompanied by dry mouth, which will make the human body uncomfortable.


When the body is dehydrated, it will affect the overall blood volume and pressure of the body. This will result in weakness or fatigue. So, if you are also feeling tired without any valid reason, then it can be an indication that your body is dehydrated.

Dry skin and lips:  

Another indication of dehydration is that your lips and skin will become dry. This is because, in dehydration, the body’s blood flow is reduced due to conserving more water, which then leads to skin dryness.

Less production of urine:

If a body is dehydrated, it will start conserving more water but will not produce more urine. Apart from producing less urine, the color of urine may become darker/yellowish.


A regular headache is also an indication that your body is dehydrated. The reason behind consistent headaches is that dehydration causes blood vessels in the brain to become narrow, reducing the overall flow of blood, resulting in consistent pain.


Another symptom of dehydration the person will feel dizziness. This is so because dehydration causes a significant drop in blood pressure, which results in dizziness.

Mild to Moderate Symptoms of Dehydration

· Reduced ability to focus

· Cramps or muscle weakness

· Increased health beat/rate without any reason

· Fast breathing

According to studies, most people do not recognize these symptoms due to less awareness.

Symptoms of Severe Dehydration

Below are the symptoms that will indicate severe dehydration.

· Consistently low blood pressure

· Parched mouth

· Reduced alertness

· Sunken eyes

· Capillary refill

How to Deal with the Problem of Dehydration

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above, then there is a strong chance your body is suffering from dehydration. Below, we have mentioned some solutions that you can adopt to efficiently with this health problem.

Starting drinking plenty of fluids:

Increasing the intake of fluids, such as drinking more water, is one of the most effective solutions to deal with dehydration. However, while drinking plenty of water, make sure it is safe and healthy. Otherwise, instead of giving benefits to your body, it will become cause several other health problems.

That’s why we recommend installing a water filter. A water filter will eliminate all kinds of contaminants and impurities from the drinking, making it completely safe and healthy.

Consider eating high-water foods:

Water-rich foods such as melons, berries, leafy greens, etc., can also be an effective option in treating dehydration. While eating water-rich foods, your first choice should be fresh vegetables and fruits.

Make use of ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt):

ORS is a mixture of electrolytes and glucose. It is dissolved in drinking water in order to treat dehydration. They are easily available in local markets all around the world. ORS is used to boost the recovery process of dehydration.

Wrapping up:

Dehydration is definitely a health issue that everyone should be aware of. If it is not treated on time, it can result in severe health consequences. This blog have covered everything that you need to know about this problem.