Hard Effect of Hard Water

Hard Water

Hard water refer to water containing a considerable quantity of dissolved minerals, including calcium, magnesium and trace amount of other minerals.


Hard / Soft Water Classification

The hardness of water is measured based on the concentration of calcium and magnesium in water.

Soft water 0  to 60mg/L
Moderately hard water 61 to 120 mg/L
Hard water 121 to 180 mg/L
Very hard water  more than 180 mg/L



Your shower experience suffer

Shower Head


Although the National Research Council states that hard water is not a health hazard, hard water vastly ruins your bathing experience and turns your relax time into hassle time.


Minerals will cause hard water to react ineffectively with soap, thus makes it difficult to get sufficient enough lather. Also, hard water is harmful to your hair. Meanwhile, hard water may clog up your shower head, which can not guarantee stable high water pressure any more. All of these will ruin your bathing experience.


Frizzlife Shower Buddie - Your Shower Water Softener


By using ion exchange resin, Frizzlife Shower Buddie can absorb calcium and magnesium ions, thus effectively softens your shower water. Frizzlife Shower Buddie is committed to guarantee your chill time to escape the world to wash your worries away.

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