How Chlorine Affects Your Body

Chlorine in water
“The risk of developing cancer is 93% higher among people who drink or are exposed to chlorinated water.” —— U.S. Council of Environmental Quality

The report published by the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality may overturn public conventional view regarding the chlorine, which is universally and simply considered as an effective means of water disinfection. It seems that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water. Based on scientific evidence, chlorine added into the water will combine with other compounds to form chlorination byproducts, which is called as Trihalomethanes. Such  chlorination byproducts will produce free radicals in human body, which will further causes cell damage and are believed to be responsible for the majority of cancers in the US (GHC, 2019).


Chlorination byproducts are believed to be responsible for the majority of cancers in the US


According to Global Healing Center, drinking, eating and absorption through skin from water are the most common exposures to chlorine. It indicates that we should be careful to potential chlorine dangerous even if we are taking a shower or drinking water.


However, it is not realistic to replace chlorine by alternative substance to disinfect the water, because it is the cheapest means to serve this important purpose. Fortunately, it is easy to remove chlorine from water by using right water filtration system. As a leading professional brand, Frizzlife specializes in providing effective and efficient water solution and is able to reduce 99% of chlorine from your water. Protect you and your family away from chlorine threat is one of our main concerns.


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