How Lead Affects Your Body

 caution lead hazard

Lead is so close to us

Lead is one of most toxic heavy metals that can enter and accumulate in human bodies. Lead is much closer to us than you ever imagined, which is often found in soil, air, cosmetic, newly painting wall and even in the water coming out from kitchen faucet.



 Lead poisoning

Be aware to lead poisoning

Having built up in human bodies over a certain period of time, lead poisoning will occur. There is no obvious symptom at the early stage of lead poisoning. However, once dangerous amount of lead is reached, people who have been exposed to lead for a long time period will experience nausea, hearing problem reproductive system damage, seizures, coma and other symptoms that may possibly reach fatal level. Based on statistics released by authorities, lead can irreversibly poison people of all ages, however, children are 4 to 5 times more vulnerable to lead compared with adults since their bodies are still developing (Calderone & Gould, 2016). Pregnant women, who are sicken by lead, may be in danger of miscarriage. What’s more, the spread lead poisoning will also seriously damage unborn children’s brain, heart, kidneys and cause future learning problems (WebMD, 2019).


People who have been exposed to lead for a long time period will experience a series of symptoms, even face the danger of lives

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As mentioned above, contaminated water is one of most common sources of lead. Failure to equip your home with an appropriate water filter system may potentially put your whole family at a risk. Frizzlife always delivers most effective and efficient water solution and always here to protect you and your family away from lead poisoning. Our MP99, MK99, SP99, SK99 and Reverse Osmosis system are capable of removing up to 99.99% lead from water. No matter from under counter or counter top, we guarantee every drop of your drinking water is safe, clean and ultra-pure.


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