Is Bottled Water Really Safe

Is bottled water safe to drink


Be cautious to what you are buying and drinking

    Reported by Food and Water Watch, most bottled water in the U.S. market is virtually filtered tap water. However, bottled water sellers seldom clearly inform customers what they are actually buying via the labels (HWN, 2011). Most of them do not provide straightforward answers to the most basic questions that customers deserve to know, including the water source, the purity of water, the treatment method, any contaminants found in the tests and much more. Hence, you never know what you are buying and drinking.


    18% of bottled waters fail to disclose their water source
    32% say nothing about the purity of water 
    Poor regulations


      Is bottled water safe to drink


      The bottled water may be less regulated than filtered water coming out from your kitchen faucet. According to CNN (2009), the Food and Drug Administration has little authority to regulate bottled water on market. Unlike municipal water utilities, bottled water suppliers are not required to disclose test results.


      Therefore, bottled water is not necessary a safer choice than filtered tap water


      We may be contributing to environmental pollution


        plastic waste


        According to Mother Nature Network (2010), bottled water industry produces 1.5 million tons of plastic wastes every year, which are difficult to be biodegraded in short time period. Also, the recycling awareness of public still needs to be further improved. Most bottled water suppliers and consumers fail to handle following recycling procedure efficiently as they should.



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