Camping 101: Camping Water Filter For Your RV Trip

Camping 101: Camping Water Filter For Your RV Trip

Jessie S |

If you’re looking at the idea of “hitting the open road”, then you're not alone.  In fact, camping is one of the most enjoyed adventures when it comes to quality time with loved ones.  Before you simply load up your RV and take off, though, there are a few things that you’re going to want to know.  One of them is going to be the safe water and food resources. You could either purchases loads of bottled water for trips or acquire RV water filters in your vehicle. It is rather important to make right decisions and keep yourself stay safe and healthy.  Let’s take a look at Camping 101.

Camping Satistics


If you’re looking at this and wondering if camping really is as popular as this post claims it to be, you’ll be surprised to learn that it is!  According to KOA, there is a huge interest in RV life and enjoying summer fun.  In both 2020 and 2021, so far, over 10.1 billion families have headed out to the campgrounds for the very first time, many of them in a comfortable RV.  This is going to rise as people seek fun adventures out and about while still staying safe.

Camping is a fun adventure, to be sure, and a great way to spend time with loved ones while unplugged from the modern comforts of life.  If you’re looking at the idea of joining them, here are the essential details that you’re going to want to know.



Must-Have Essentials


Before you shut the doors and pull onto the highway, you’ll need to make sure that you have onboard the most essential supplies.  While the specific things that you need will depend on where you are going and who’s in your camping group, here are some of the most important things to focus on:

  • Sleeping bags or sheets: You can’t very well enjoy yourself if you don’t have sleeping bags or sheets to go in your RV beds.  Sheets will make you feel like you’re at home, but you’ll most likely find that a sleeping bag is more convenient!  Regardless, don’t forget your pillow.


  • Animal-safe food and garbage storage: No matter where you're camping you’ll need to keep both your food and your garbage in air-tight storage containers so that you can have an animal-free camping zone.  This is often required by those who own the RV park, too.


  • Lights and extra batteries: One of the things people forget are lights.  Sure, your RV has them, but what about when you’re out and enjoying your campfire?  Or if you need to run to the car in the middle of the night for some reason?  You’ll need to have handheld lanterns or flashlights, and extra batteries for them, too.



Water Filter vs. Bottled Water: Which is best?


This is an important thing to think about when it comes to keeping yourself safe.  Most people will just grab some large water jugs and water bottles, and that’s about it.  But what about a purpose-designed RV water filter instead?  This is going to install directly into your RV and give you the convenience of knowing that you have more access to water from one single source, and it is going to be filtered and purified for you to use as you see fit.

The other thing is that you can still bring bottled water with you.  After all, you’ll most likely be going on hikes or trips to the beach and other things that require you to have access to potable water in conveniently-sized bottles, right?  

Take on your summer plans by storm.  You’ll love the idea of making memories with those you love at your side for all of them.  Just perfect for when you are looking for some positivity in this painful and frustrating year.