Global Crisis On Plastic Waste: Stay Green To Save Our Planet

Global Crisis On Plastic Waste: Stay Green To Save Our Planet

Jessie S |

8/1/2021 | Author: Kelteress C.  Edited by Jessie S.


Our planet is in a crisis with multiple ways in which we can fight it.  One of them is by taking responsibility for our use of plastics and minimizing it as much as possible.  Did you know that installing a water filter could just be one of the best ways that you can do that?  Most of us go through a lot of plastic waste regarding our daily drinking water, and a filter is going to help understand where that need comes from and, more importantly, how to fix it.



Omitting plastic doesn't mean going for tap water


Very few of us enjoy drinking tap water in our homes.  Loaded with chemicals, bacteria and other additives that most of us aren’t even aware of, there are a whole lot of reasons to continue with that trend!  However, it doesn’t mean that you need to go with pre-packaged water bottles or other plastic solutions instead.  Go for a water filter.

Installed under your sink or counter, you’ll be able to have an on-demand cleaning and filtering of your tap water that will give you the convenience of literally turning a tap on and filling your glass, but without the chemicals and other contaminants found in natural water.

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That’s not to mention that filtered water from your home is going to make your water taste a whole lot better, too.  Do you ever notice how bottled water tastes so...packaged?  Now imagine what kind of chemicals are leaching from that manufacturing and plastic bottle materials into the water that you’re drinking straight from it.  Exactly.


Why water filter installation helps reduce plastic waste?


  • You can combine it with stainless steel bottles for water on the go
When you need to have water on the go, you can put your own delicious water from the filtered tap into a stainless steel bottle and bring it with you.  It’ll be a great example of eco-friendly living and it may just inspire someone else to do it, too.


    • Healthier water sourced locally
    A lot of our pollution is due to commercial trucking.  By refusing to drink bottled water, you’ll be showing the grocery stores and the suppliers that you won’t pay for the packaged water coming all the way across the country (and further).  You’re supporting local water producers (ie: your house) and are also deliberately avoiding supporting plastic companies.


      • No need to repurpose the bottles over and over again
      Think you’re doing your part by repurposing the disposable bottles that water comes in?  Congratulations, that’s a great start!  However, a lot of the plastic used for the bottles also is leaching chemicals into your water, especially as it starts to break down.  Reusing it for water over and over again can be putting your health at risk and is still not going to negate the effect of buying it in the first place.

        While it seems so simple to make a tiny switch to tap water (with a proper water filter), it can be exactly what we need to save our planet, one water bottle at a time!

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