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Water Filtration Performance: Water Filtration Layers vs Accuracy of Filtration

Water Filtration Performance: Water Filtration Layers vs Accuracy of Filtration

Jessie S |

8/1/2021 | Author: Kelteress C.  Edited by Jessie S.


We know that water is essential to every single living thing on our planet, including us.  However, there is a global water shortage throughout the world and it is impacting millions of people on a daily basis.  While most of us are familiar with a water shortage, many of us aren’t familiar with how much it connects to overall quality of life not only for the person suffering, but also the future generations to come.



How accuracy of filtration factors in


First of all, you have to take a moment to think about the accuracy of the filtration you need. Most RO systems adopt multi-stage filters with different removing focus, and of course they are all working well on their different focus angles, but what about their actual work ethic? When a filter is not at its best, it cannot accurately stop the sediment, heavy metals and other additives from leaching through to your drinking water.

This is why proper installation as well as regular replacement and maintenance to your water system is going to be so important. A filter is only as good as its lifespan and its caretaking, no matter what research you do on its layers and effectiveness.

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Importance of water filter layers


Normally there are several different layers in a water filter. These filters all have different roles when it comes to making sure that you are getting clean water out of your tap. One layer will take out heavy metal, another will focus on organic materials such as calcium and magnesium, and so-on. As the water is pushed and forced through the filter layers, it is further cleaned so that you know that the water actually coming out of your tap is clean and clear from those heavy metals and bacteria that are naturally present in water.  

The best way to think about it is to compare a water filter that you put into your under sink water filter, to a natural one. There is a layer that weeds out bugs and pests as the water trickles through it, down deeper into the ground. Then a layer that traps sediment and heavy metals. It continues to trickle down to the next layer which will be even finer, still, and continue the process.  It is a tiered system that is crucial for purifying water. Having the proper filters in place is going to be helpful for ensuring that you have healthy and properly strained water.


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