Why Choose RO Water Filter - 6 Reasons

Why Choose RO Water Filter - 6 Reasons

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There is no doubt that drinking safe and clean water is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, the problem is that regular water that is coming from local water suppliers or from private wells is not completely safe. It contains several toxic contaminants, such as fluoride, lead, chlorine, etc, that can cause serious health issues.

So, you need to find an effective solution to filter out those harmful contaminants from your regular water in order to make it completely safe and healthy. This is where RO (Reverse Osmosis) water filters come into play.

RO filters are in-demand water filters because of their ability to remove all kinds of toxic contaminants, chemicals, minerals, sediment, etc. It is believed that, Reverse osmosis filters remove up to 99% of impurities from normal water. This accuracy made them stand out tall among all other water filters.

Due to their too much popularity, the Frizzlife team decided why not to come up with a complete blog post discussing the reasons why everyone who is looking for safe water should consider opting for an RO filter. But before discussing the reasons, let us explain what actually an RO water filter is.

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What is an RO Water Filter?

A RO filter is a type of water filtration system that uses a semi-permeable membrane to eliminate contaminants, impurities, chemicals, and all other kinds of harmful minerals from the water.

The RO filtration process involves applying pressure to the water and forcing it to pass through the special membrane. The membrane then traps all impurities that water contains and provides completely safe and healthy water.

Due to their ability to effectively remove contaminants, RO filters are commonly used in homes, offices, restaurants, etc.

Now, let's take an at some reasons that make RO water filters a top-notch choice for most people all around the world.

Reasons Why You Need to Choose RO Water Filter

Below are some of the reasons that will encourage you to invest in a reverse osmosis filter to get access to clean water.

Protection against toxic bacteria:

Water all around the world contains harmful bacteria in it. Although, the amount of bacteria in the water may vary depending on the region. And drinking bacteria affected can increase the risk of serious diseases such as cholera diarrhea, etc.

But filtering the bacteria affected with an RO filter will make it completely free. RO filter eliminates 99% of different kinds of bacteria found on Earth.

Removal of chlorine:

Most homes, especially in the US, receive water from municipal water suppliers. And municipal suppliers often add chemicals like chlorine to make the water easier to consume. There is no doubt that adding chlorine to the water can be beneficial for humans in some way, but it causes major health risks to human health.

The health risks of drinking chlorine-affected water include respiratory conditions, including asthma.

So, filtering the chlorinated water with the help of an RO filter will completely eliminate the traces of chlorine from it.

Elimination of viruses and parasites:

Regular water coming into your home or office may also contain harmful viruses and parasites that can pose serious threats to human health. Again, using an RO filter can effectively remove all kinds of viruses, including parasites, from the drinking water.

Improved taste and odor:

The presence of impurities and chemicals like chlorine can greatly affect the overall taste and odor of the water. This is especially the case with tap water. The good news is that RO filters also effectively remove contaminants that are affecting water taste and smell, resulting in improved quality of drinking water.

Eliminate the need for single-use of water:

Apart from improving taste and odor, investing in an RO also eliminates the need to rely on bottled water. And relying less on bottled will not only save money but also help for earth's environment. This is so because water bottles are a major contributor to plastic pollution.

According to research by Plasticoceans, we produce over 380M tons of plastic every year. And 50% of this figure is plastic that is only used for single-use purposes.

So, by choosing an RO filter, we will not only have access to clean and safe drinking but also contribute in reducing overall plastic wastage.

Customize options:

Users can customize the reverse osmosis filter according to their specific needs. Let us explain how. For instance, if you choose an RO filter to eliminate special types of contaminants, then you can also add more filtration stages to the filter. Doing this will allow the filter to remove more contaminants.

These are some major reasons that we think will provide the answer to why we need to choose reverse osmosis filters over other water filters. Now, let us quickly explain how you can choose the right filter according to your needs.

How to Choose Right RO Filter – Step-by-Step Guide

Test water quality: Test the quality of the water you are planning to filter. You need to specially check the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water. if the amount of TDS is higher, then you need to opt for a higher TDS removal RO filter.

Analyze your water usage requirements: You should determine the usage of water. Doing will give an idea about what size of filter you need to opt for.

Stick to a budget: You will come across several reverse osmosis filters with different price ranges. Therefore, it would be good if you go for the one that suits your budget range.

Reputable manufacturer and warranty: Never compromise on quality. Go to a reputable manufacturer that offers a good warranty on its filters.

Maintenance: You should pick a filter that requires less maintenance cost and is also easy to maintain.

Final Thoughts:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters are popular types of water filters available in the market. This is because they remove 99% of impurities from water. Above, we have discussed different reasons why everyone should choose RO filter over other filters. Drink safe…Stay Healthy!