Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water

Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water

Robin Collins |

You may be familiar with the potential health benefits of drinking alkaline water for humans. But what would happen if you also start giving it to your lovely pets like cats…Are there downsides or not?

If you also have similar kinds of questions in your mind and looking for answers, this article is for you. As a cat owner, it should be your topmost priority to prevent the cat from health issues that is why it is always best to stay educated about things that could potentially put your pet’s health at risk.

Providing your cat with alkaline water is not necessary, and it will never cause any harm if it is consumed in a small amount. But in order to get a detailed answer about whether cats can drink alkaline water or not, you need to keep reading this article.

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What is alkaline water?

Although, it is not necessary to discuss alkaline water because most of them will already be familiar with it.

This water has a more pH value (equal to or above 7) than regular water. According to research, usually, the pH value of alkaline water lies between 8 to 9. On the other hand, regular water’s pH value ranges from 6.5 to 7.

For humans, there are several health benefits claimed about drinking alkaline water such as improved hydration, neutralizing body acids, but there is no scientific proof available in order to provide support for these claims.

Some sources also claim that drinking alkaline water prevents the risk of cancer and bone diseases; but, there is still no proof available to support this claim.

Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water?

Yes! Cats can drink alkaline water. But it is not necessary and also not recommended to provide them, because it has a higher pH value as compared to normal water; it may be beneficial for human health but may not be suitable for cats.

Since cats have different dietary needs as compared to humans, and their bodies can only function properly when they get water within a certain pH value.

However, we are not saying that you should never give alkaline water to the cats; instead, you should provide them with a small amount of alkaline water with a proper gap (not regularly). This will flush out harmful minerals and acids from their body.

And, if you regularly provide the cat with alkaline water, it will disturb its digestive system. And also cause several other health issues.

At last, we recommend you consult with an animal medical professional, he/she will examine your cat’s health condition and then provide you suggestions on whether you should give alkaline water or not. Not just this, animal medical professionals will provide you with a specific diet plan for the cat.

Potential Pros and Cons of Alkaline Water for Cats

Like any other water, alkaline water also has its own pros and cons that are discussed below:


Neutralize additional acids in the cat body:

Some cats (not specific breeds) that have certain health conditions can cause their body to become too much acidic. So, giving them alkaline water may help in countering these acids and also contribute to restoring a specific pH level in the cat's body.

The removal of toxic acids and restoration of pH level can be greatly beneficial for cats that are suffering from certain health conditions. Conditions like urine problems, kidney diseases, etc.

Contribute to improving cat's health and well-being:

Several cat owners believe that giving alkaline water to cats contributes to improving their overall health. This includes a strong immune system, reduced inflammation, etc; however, there is limited scientific evidence available in support of these claims.

But it is also true that there are many cases available in which cat owners have noticed a significant improvement in the health of their pets after giving them alkaline water.


Alkaline water can disturb the digestive system of cats. Wondering how? Let us explain. Cats have a proper balance of acids and enzymes naturally. A proper balance of these things allows cats' bodies to digest meals efficiently and also absorb nutrients.

But when you provide them with alkaline water, it will disturb the natural balance of acids and enzymes, resulting in digestion problems. This is so because alkaline water usually has a higher pH value.

So, we are again mentioning this, you should only start giving alkaline water to your lovely cat after consulting with an animal medical professional.

How to Get Alkaline Water

There are multiple ways that you can adopt in order to get access to alkaline water; those ways are as follows:

Add alkaline water drops:

Adding alkaline water drops to the water container will make it completely alkaline. However, the amount of water drops will vary depending on the overall quantity of water that you want to make alkaline.

You need to be too much careful while adding an alkaline drop to the water. If you accidentally add too many drops, it will result in highly alkaline…leading to several health issues.

Install an alkaline filter:

Another way to get access to alkaline water is by installing an alkaline filter. These filters work by taking normal water and performing an ionization process on it in order to raise its pH value.

Remember, only choose a filter that is specially designed to make regular alkaline; not every filter has this capability. So, don’t get fooled.

Purchase alkaline bottled water:

You can also pre-made alkaline bottled water from the nearby market. However, going with this method will cost you a lot. There is also no guarantee whether it is safe or not. This is why this method is usually recommended by experts.

Wrapping up:

Cats can drink alkaline water but in small amounts, but if you provide them consistently, then this may disturb their digestion system, resulting in several other serious issues. So, it is better to consult with a medical professional.