How to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

How to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Robin Collins |

When you’re traveling, your normal routine gets disturbed. There are strong chances that you may skip workouts and also follow a different sleep schedule for multiple days.

Moving on, there are also chances that you do not drink water, resulting in dehydration. And suffering from dehydration can cause a number of health issues like headaches, etc.

So, whether you are planning to fly across the country or going on a road trip, staying hydrated is essential.

In this Frizzlife blog, we will be discussing stuff like different ways how you can keep your body to stay hydrated while traveling.

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How to Stay Hydrated During Travelling – Different Ways Explained

By following the ways discussed below, you can ensure your body is hydrated during the travel.

Drink Plenty of Water:

You should get plenty of water regularly during the travel, this will prevent the chances of dehydration and other health issues associated with it.

In simple words, you should drink as much water as possible, but pay attention to the quality of water. Because the quality of water varies by region. It is possible that area in which you’re traveling may have bad quality. Drinking bad quality water (water that contains impurities in it) can greatly result in severe health issues.

Therefore, it would be if you keep a water filter pitcher or countertop filter with yourself. This will completely eliminate the risk of drinking bad-quality water.

We know, it is possible that most of you may forget to drink water while traveling, so below, we have discussed tips that may be helpful for you.

1. Consider setting reminders on the phone:

One of the easier tips that you can follow in order to remember that you need to drink after regular intervals, is by setting reminders in the phone. You can set an alarm from your phone’s settings or download an alarm app.

Following this tip can be highly beneficial, because while traveling you may be busy sightseeing and forget to drink water.

2. Drink enough water whenever you take meal:

You should convert this tip into your regular habit. Whenever you are taking a regular meal or eating a quick snack while traveling, do not forget to drink ample water.

Drinking ample water with every meal will not keep your body hydrated, but also prevent you from drinking unhealthy beverages.

3. Do not take caffeine or drink alcohol:

You can counter this heading either as a tip, a warning, or any other stuff you like, but you should never neglect their importance. It would be good if you completely avoid alcohol, caffeine or any other thing while traveling, but if this is not possible for you, then you should limit their consumption at least.

Instead of consuming these unhealthy things during travel, you can consider taking healthy beverages like coconut water, etc.

These are some tips that you can follow in order to drink plenty of water during travel.

However, keep this mind that the recommended amount of water is around 8 to 10 glasses, but if you are traveling to an area that is too hot, you must consider increasing the limit up to 10 to 12 glasses.

Start eating hydrating food

You can also eat hydrating food in order to stay hydrated while traveling. Eating hydrating foods (vegetables, fruits) have a high amount of water content that will help you eliminate toxic fluids from the body.

Here are some of the hydrating foods examples that you consider eating.

1. Fruits & vegetables:

There are many fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, etc., that have high water content. Consuming these can be greatly beneficial for keeping the body hydrated. And the best things, the foods we mentioned in the previous line are easy to carry and easy to find anywhere in the world.

2. Drinking juices:

Drinking juices is a refreshing way to keep yourself hydrated during travel. Besides, it is a good source of getting an enough amount of minerals and vitamins.

However, drinking juices means here means juices entirely made with vegetables or fruits, not energy drinks.

3. Broths & Soups:

Broths and soups can also be good for keeping your body hydrated while also getting enough amounts of nutrients in a nourishing way. but, you should opt for broths and soups that have low sodium content, and more vegetables.

These are some hydrating food examples that you can use in order to stay hydrated during travel. But remember, these can never be the alternative to drinking water.

Avoid things that cause dehydration

You should avoid dehydration triggers to keep yourself hydrated. Too much exposure to things that leads to dehydration will make it quite difficult for your body to stay hydrated.

Below are some of the things that you should always avoid while traveling, give them a read.

1. Increased exposure to the sun heat:

Spending too much time in the direct heat of sun will increase the chances of the human body becoming dehydrated.

Therefore, it would be to not spend much time in sun heat, if you still want to spend then be sure to take shade or use a sun-block cream.

2. Inappropriate dressing according to the weather:

Another thing that leads to dehydration while traveling is inappropriate dressing according to the weather. This means, the weather is too cold, but your dressing is too light (suitable for summers) and vice versa, this can lead to dehydration.

So, be sure about your dressing while traveling.

3. Avoid eating salt-rich foods:

Eating foods that contain high amounts of salt can also result in dehydration, so you should be careful about sodium intake while traveling, consider eating foods that have low salt content.

Final Words

Staying hydrated all the time is essential for maintaining good health, especially while traveling. There are multiple ways that you can adopt to keep yourself hydrated. Above, we have discussed some of those ways in complete detail, hope you will find them useful. Happy traveling fellas!