Is Alkaline Water Good For Diabetics

Is Alkaline Water Good For Diabetics

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We all know diabetics is a serious disease that has affected millions of people around the world. According to a report by CDC.GOV, there are around 37.3 million suffering from diabetics only in the USA. This means around 11.3% of the US population has diabetic’s issues.

Well, there is no perfect cure for this disease, but patients can manage and stop it from becoming a serious health threat. For this, they can make appropriate changes in their daily lifestyle and opt for proper treatments and proper care.

One such treatment that is causing a lot of debate among both people and medical experts is whether alkaline water can be a good option for diabetics.

The proponents of alkaline water claim that it greatly helps in regulating sugar levels in the patient’s body. And also contribute to improving overall health.

In this frizzlife blog post, we are going explore whether drinking alkaline water can be helpful for diabetics or not. So, without discussing any further details, let’s dive into details.

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Diabetics – Overview

Diabetes is a disease that affects the way the human body possesses blood sugar. There are two main types of this chronic disease. The types are:

· Type 1 diabetics

· Type 2 diabetics


This type generally occurs when the human body’s immune system attack and destroys the cells that are responsible for producing insulin. Insulin is a cell that is responsible for maintaining the sugar level in the blood. When these cells are destroyed, the blood sugar levels become extremely high, and lead to type 1 diabetes.

Type 2:

Type 2 diabetes is usually referred as a metabolic disorder which occurs when the human body becomes extremely resistant to insulin or sometimes fails to produce enough amount of insulin to maintain blood sugar levels effectively. This type of diabetes is more common as compared to the previous one.

Wondering how to know whether you are suffering from diabetes or not? Let us explain to you how to determine it. The common symptoms include:

· Frequent urination

· Increased thirst

· Fatigue

· Blurred eyesight

What is Alkaline Water?

It is water that has a high pH value as compared to regular water. It usually has a pH value of around 9.5 or higher.

People claim that drinking alkaline water can provide a range of health benefits like improved hydration, digestion, skin health, etc. Moving on, this water also provides protection against a number of serious diseases.

Some studies shows that drinking alkaline water can result in a number of negative effects, especially with sensitive health conditions. 

Alkaline water can be made by adding some alkaline drops (that can be purchased from the near market), installing an alkaline filter (long-term investment and more convenience), or purchasing already made alkaline water from the market (but this can be costly).

How Alkaline Can Be a Good Option for Diabetics

Below, we have explained some ways that will show how alkaline water can be good for diabetic patients.

By regulating blood sugar levels:

The very first way through which alkaline water can be good for diabetics is that, alkaline water has the capability to regulate blood sugar levels.

According to recent studies, drinking alkaline water can help in increasing insulin (a hormone cell) sensitivity. This increase further helps in efficiently controlling sugar levels in the blood.

By suppressing the digestive process

Most of you may not be aware of what kind of claim we are going to made in here. It’s actually true that the digestive process is one of the main reasons behind high blood sugar levels. While, the high levels of sugar in the blood stimulate the pancreas to generate insulin.

Keep this mind there is a limit to how much insulin a human body can produce. This is why, a high carbohydrate diet and lack of exercise can allow sugar levels to increase rapidly

And if the body is not able to fulfill the required insulin, the sugar left in the blood will travel all the way to the body. This can cause a range of health issues for diabetics, like the risk of kidney failure, cancer, heart disease, etc.

Alkaline water helps to absorb the glucose

Glucose is a major form of sugar that diabetics take to control, it acts as the primary source of energy for the body. But it will not only be able to provide the required benefits if it is not absorbed; this is where alkaline water comes into play. It helps the body inefficiently absorb glucose in the body.

By alkalizing blood cells of the body

Alkaline water can also be a good option for diabetics because it helps in alkalizing the blood cells of the human body. To increase your information, human blood is made up of cells. These cells not only transport the oxygen throughout the body, but also carry nutrients to all the tissues.

Drinking alkaline water will boost a boost to these cells and result in aiding diabetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is alkaline water?

It is water that has a higher pH value as compared to normal water. The pH value alkaline water usually has is either around 9.5 or more than this. 

Is drinking alkaline water help in regulating blood sugar levels in the body?

The answer to this question is Yes. According to research, drinking alkaline water helps in increasing insulin sensitivity in the body. This increase results in better regulation of sugar levels in the blood.

Final Words

Alkaline water can be a good treatment option for diabetics, this is so because it increases insulin sensitivity in the body which contributes to better control of sugar. This article has explained different about this type of water can be a good option. But it would be good if you to first consult with a doctor before start using alkaline water, especially if you are dealing with some kind of health condition.