2020 Best Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

  • PD600 Under Sink RO Filter System
  • WA99 Countertpop RO Filter System
 Frizzlife reverse osmosis filter system



Why Reverse Osmosis Water

  • Understanding RO
  • Why RO water
  • Frizzlife RO system
 Reverse Osmosis


How Lead Affects Your Body

  • Lead is so close to us
  • Be aware to lead poisoning 
  • Frizzlife lead-free solution
 Danger of Lead


How Chlorine Affects Your Body

  • Danger of chlorination byproducts
  • Frizzlife chlorine-free solution


 how chlorine affects your body


Is Bottled Water Really Safe

  • Be cautious to what you are buying 
  • Poor regulation
  • Environmental pollution
 Is bottled water really safe


 Hard Effect of Hard Water

  • Hard/soft water classification
  • Your shower experience suffer
  • Frizzlife Shower Buddie
Hard water


Is TDS Meter an Effective Way To Test Water Quality?

  • What does TDS mean
  • Why TDS meter is a poor measure
  • When TDS is an effective measure
  • Frizzlife filtration technology 
 Is TDS an effective way to measure water quality